Elements That Can Give Your Hallway Some Lovely Personality

There is an old saying that goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that is just as true for the entrance to your home. The hallway is the first thing people see when you open your front door and that is why it should always be neat and stylish. It’s a great opportunity to wow everyone visiting you. And besides, the hallway is also the spot for family rituals like goodbye kisses or welcoming hugs and as such, you should try to make it as warm and comfortable as much as the other rooms.

It doesn’t matter if your hallway is small or wide, it can be a perfect space to show off your design skills and taste. If you choose the right pieces of furniture and decor for your hallway, you can easily transform it from a grey and boring space to a stylish and functional entry that makes a wonderful impression. Console tables, rugs, seating and storage, pictures, shelves… they can all give your hallway some lovely personality.

Hall Table


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This piece of furniture can be a beautiful addition to any room or space in your home, but it gets the most use in the hallway. You can find console tables in different styles and sizes. And depending on your taste, needs and available space, you can easily pick the right hall table.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hall table is to make sure it’s in the same style as the other elements in the room where it will be going into. If you are more into classic and rustic styles, you can choose hall console table with a polished light-weight concrete top and brushed acacia legs which will make a charming addition to the space. If you are more into modern and contemporary style, a small table with a marble top and black finish steel legs can be a perfect choice.

If you want to be unique and make your home look like nobody else’s, look into handmade items that are available from many individual tradesmen. That way, not only can you be proud of supporting a local business, but you are likely to get a unique piece with great quality that can be only found at your house. You can also request for the hallway table to be customised to precisely meet your expectations considering the size, colour or shape.

Another thing that you need to consider is the size of your hallway. Wider hallways will allow you to conveniently fit a larger table without disrupting the freedom of movement. But even if your hallway is spacious, you might prefer a smaller console table as it allows you to have more space for a shoe drawer, a bench or a hall tree that will provide you plenty of hanging space for your coats, hats, scarves and umbrellas.

But what if your hall is tiny and you need the extra storage place a console table can provide? Then you can look for one with drawers where all things that need to be on hand but hidden can be stored, while the top of the table can be used for flowers, a lamp or your favourite decorative items. There are also console tables that are taller and less wide that still offer storage but without taking up a lot of valuable floor space. All in all, the right hall table should add function and style to your space without overwhelming it.

Runner Rug


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Runner rugs are long, rectangular rugs that you can place in areas with a lot of traffic, particularly in hallways. They don’t only protect the flooring, but can also have a huge design impact on a narrow space. These rugs add soft texture from the ground up and can make your hallway look longer or spacious. They come in a variety of lengths and widths, so you can easily choose one that will match the shape and size of your hallway.

As for the style, if you are a fan of soft colours and a timeworn look, an over-dyed area rug that has a distressed, faded appearance is your right choice. These rugs are perfect for traditional and country living spaces and often feature traditional patterns like oriental floral designs or damask and tent to be more elegant.

If you want to add a raw texture to your hallway, consider area rugs made from natural materials. Hemp, sisal or jute rugs have an organic appeal and are great choices for high traffic areas. Anyway, if you like to have something timeless and handmade in your hallway, opt for classic braided rugs. They come in different shapes and may be crafted out of natural or synthetic materials. If you like to add a farmhouse look to your hallway, these are the rugs that you are looking for.



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If your hallway is narrow, it’s perfect for slender furniture designs like a streamlined bench. The material your bench is made from will depend on where you intend to put it, your style or the other furniture in the space. If you are more into a “farmhouse” style, a wooden distressed bench will make an attractive addition to your hallway. The advantage of having a wooden bench is that wood is versatile so you can switch it up and change its colour or theme whenever you like.

If you want a bit of a throwback and make your bench more “retro”, you can paint it with any bright colour you like. If on the other hand, you choose a bench made of a sturdier and more durable material like concrete, you can add more character and colour by using cushions and throws.

Gallery Wall


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Even though it’s often overlooked, wall decor matters and can spruce up the look of any room, including the hall. One of my favourite wall decorating ideas for the hallway is to build a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. It’s a great way to display your large collection of artwork or family pictures which will instantly give your hallway a personality.

You can stick to black and white photos or you can mix them up with colourful paintings which will create a more dynamic look. If a full gallery wall feels a little bit overwhelming for you, focus on one oversize piece of art instead. The perfect placement for it would be right above the console table.



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The mirror is an integral part of every hallway. It will not only change the geometry of space but will accentuate the interior beauty as well. A vertical mirror is a frequently used model. It’s great for halls with short ceilings as it allows to visually increase the ceiling height. Usually, it’s placed near the front door so you can quickly check yourself before going out.

If you like to increase the sense of space and make the wall look more extended, use a horizontal mirror. Such a mirror can look excellent when combined with a functional piece of furniture like a hallway table. If your walls are tall and you want to make use of the empty space on the high parts of the wall, you can stack three full-length mirrors horizontally above the table which is a more creative alternative instead using a one giant mirror.

You can also use a mirror as a decorative touch in combination with wall art. To do so, opt for a more sophisticated design, like for instance an antique mirror.