Hall Trees: Clutter Out, Tidiness and Beauty In

Though I’m a fan of shopping (then again, most of us are), I’m certainly not a fan of clutter, which is why I’ve learned over the years how to find solutions so as not to end up looking like a hoarder and turn my home into a mere storage place.

This is why I’ve come to love anything and everything that amps up the functionality of my interior, no matter the form, and that’s how I ended up adoring hall trees. Since I enjoy watching period dramas, I’ve noticed most of the houses having this furniture piece; Victorians knew how to take care of space and style, so they inspired me to go for something that offers some aesthetic value along with functionality.

After doing some research, it was the French provincial style hall trees that won me over with their elegant wood frame, crown moulding, adorned with antique brass hooks, and a sleek finish bringing both the everlasting beauty of this style and the harmony every home deserves to have.

Hall Tree

Great thing about this ingenious furniture piece is it doesn’t specifically have to be placed in your foyer, entryway, or mudroom if your home doesn’t really allow it space-wise, as it’s ideal for the bedroom as well. Then again, you can always go for the coat hanger wall unit and add plenty of hanging space for your coats, scarves, wraps, hats, umbrellas, or towels.

I’m happy enough to have a spacious entryway, so I got the model with a bench and coat rack combo, both because I have plenty of shoes that I prefer keeping out of everyone’s sight upon entering my home, and because the bench is particularly useful for my husband and kids when they put their footwear on; it’s much easier when you have a beautiful hall tree with a bench to convince them to put on or take off their shoes there instead of doing so all the way in the bedroom, or other rooms – shoes are for outside, slippers for inside!

Besides, the extra storage is also ideal for hiding away keys, sunglasses, and all sorts of knick knacks that find their way in your entryway, so you keep everything out of sight, and you continue having an entryway that makes great first impressions. More in favour of this furniture piece is the other extra storage space I got, on the shelf on top, which I decided to use solely for decorations.

Now whenever I want to freshen up that space, I just add some changes to the top shelf, sometimes in the form of family photos, sometimes with a book or two with intricate covers, and candles, then other times I rely on the season and thrown in the charms of seasonal d├ęcor. I’ve made this a family ritual, having my kids and husband both have their share of ideas, so they’ve come to love the hall tree just as much.

If you want to better organise your home, increase the storage space, and still have enough space for decorating, I highly recommend you get a hall tree as well.