Antique Mirrors – History, Styles And Caring Tips

Maybe some of you already have an antique mirror at home, but do you actually know the whole story about this grandiose piece. Few people really know the true value mirrors once had. And even though mirrors are taken for granted today, that was not the case in the past. Around 170 years ago, mirrors were literally valued in gold. Only kings and aristocrats were able to afford such exquisite art pieces. If you want a taste of those antique periods, then find a reliable antique mirrors Melbourne shop and pick the form you like. Now, let’s explore the history of the majestic antique mirrors.


The History Of Antique Mirrors

The first antique mirrors showed up in the early 16th century, and were known as the ‘looking glasses’. These amazing mirrors were made in Murano, Italy (an island in the Venetian Lagoon that was known as the Glass Island). The antique mirrors were brought to England in the 17 century. Sir Robert Mansell’s glass house was the first shop for glass in 1625. Then, it came the Duke of Buckingham and his famous glass work at Vauxhall. Although forbidden in the middle ages, in the late 18 century the antique mirrors were a subject of admiration. Over the years, the production of mirrors was increased dramatically, and the glass workshops were offering different mirror designs, from small wall mounted mirrors to grander and more decorative antique mirrors.

Different Antique Mirror Styles

The antique mirrors have gone through a lot of changes over the years. The mirrors produced in the Gothic period were characterized by the arches at the top which were usually made of oak. Later in the 17 century, the Rococo styled mirrors became sturdier in construction and were covered with either gold leaf or silver. During the 18th century, the antique cheval mirrors began to gain more popularity. These standing dressing mirrors first showed up in Paris, and later were used all across Europe. Even today, most antique mirrors Melbourne shops sell such mirrors.

Caring Tips For Antique Mirrors

You already bought a nice antique mirror from a reliable antique mirrors Melbourne shop? What’s next? If you want to preserve your investment then you must properly maintain the mirror. It’s simple, just take a linen cloth and dump it in warm water in which you need to add few drops of ammonia. Once you are done cleaning, go through the whole surface once again with a dry and clean cloth to avoid moisture. If the golden frame of your antique mirror has been deteriorated, don’t rush to restore the piece. Let experts inspect the whole mirror. If restoration is needed, then find a reliable antique mirrors Melbourne shop that provides restoration services.