Wall Decor Matters: Decorating Your Walls Shouldn’t be an Afterthought

It’s not wrong to say wall decor doesn’t get the deserved attention. Usually, we get so caught up in the choice of adequate furnishing, that we get lost in piles of questions, asking ourselves whether that particular sofa matches our comfort needs as much as the style of the room. Then would the bed mattress provide enough support for our beauty sleep?; Is that rug too much in the hall?; Do those kitchen chairs go well with the kitchen bar?… And the list goes on and on.


Point is, wall décor has a say in the overall interior design, so if you want to get that well put together look, it’s high time you understood exactly how important this particular decor is. The reason for this lies in its defining role, given that walls take up a vast space of our homes. Think of them as the canvas, and home wall decor as the paint and brush that gives you the painting.

Lifeless walls are bound to make your home feel monotonous (yes, even painted walls in colours other than white), which is why they need some refreshment. Speaking of painting, you don’t have to focus only on paintings when you want to inject your walls with some vibrancy, there are far too many choices of wall decorations you can choose from, for instance metal and wood carved art, shadow boxes, and sculptures. This means you have all the freedom and inspiration you can get, so don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of materials.


The power of the home wall decor lies in it’s focal point essence; you can’t have a room without a focal point and that’s exactly what this type of decor does – it helps you get something eye-catching, something that immediately draws your attention to. Giving your space some texture is always welcome, because apart from giving you some warmth it also provides your nest with more dimension, same way rugs do for example.

Picking your wall decoration doesn’t have to be a daunting process, least of all not something you’re afraid of. You can get a harmonious atmosphere by taking your existing interior style into account, and of course letting your taste guide you. If you just love a decorating wall piece, then consider hanging it on one of your walls. The love feeling is never wrong.


An advice to remember is to take size into account, making sure you measure up your walls properly. A decorating piece that’s either too small or too big can create an imbalance in the interior design. Now then, it’s decorating time! You can use the power of the internet to give you some inspiration, and even get some help of apps. You can be sure wall decoration is your key link to a complete interior design.