End Tables Bring Warmth to All Kinds of Spaces

Out of all the pieces of home furniture, end tables are the most versatile ones. Not only can they serve as great bedside tables to keep some essential things near you in the morning, but they also work as stylish living room, dining room and hallway elements and can be an ultra-creative way to refresh a boring empty corner.

End Table

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We already agreed that end tables can be some of the most stylish and practical home furniture elements you can buy, but only if you make the right choice. That’s why we wrapped up a few useful tips on how to choose the right end table for different spaces:

How to Choose the Perfect End Table


Even though you don’t think it’s important, the size of the end table has the power to make or break the appearance of the room, so make sure you choose wisely. For instance, if you’re about to place the end table next to your living room sofa, make sure it’s about the same height as the sofa’s arms since this height is optimal when you’re attempting to reach for your drink or your favourite book when you’re casually lounging. End tables can also serve as a great replacement for your boring nightstands, as long as they’re not much higher than your mattress’ height.

Also, when you’re considering the end table’s width, make sure it can support all the items you’re about to accommodate on it without the entire composition looking stuffed. Whether you’re deciding on the height or the width, the key is to optimize and keep it balanced. So, make sure your end table isn’t too bulky to overpower the focal pieces of furniture into the room. The end table also shouldn’t be too tiny, since it won’t have any impact on the room’s design.


Like every other piece of furniture for sale, end tables can be found in a variety of materials, and it’s important to choose the one that will be able to withstand all the “loads” you’re about to put on it while it looks stylish and fits your room’s design.

So, the most commonly used materials for end tables are the different kinds of woods, such as oak and teak. Not only are wooden end tables timeless due to their durability, but they also come in different stylish finishes to match many different room styles and designs.

End tables can also be made of different kinds of metals, which are also versatile and can look very sleek since they come in different finishes- from the brushed gold finishes for a luxurious touch to the chrome ones which look more contemporary. Metal end tables also make for a great base for mirror or glass tops, which are a great way to make an illusion of a lighter and more spacious room.

But be careful with glass-made table tops, since they can easily break if you overload them or when your kids accidentally throw something. If you want to avoid this, end tables with table tops made of wood or different kinds of stones such as marble make for a great replacement for glass and mirror tops.

End Table

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Aside from choosing the right size and material, it’s also important to choose the right type that will fit your preferences and the intended area while looking stylish. Starting from the popular end tables with drawers. Not only are these extra stylish, but they also feature a little bit of extra storage space that can home in handy in many of your rooms- keeping remotes, magazines and different stuff that clutters your living room, storing keys in your hallway and many more.

The C-shaped end tables are also very handy since they “hover over” any surface where you need them. For instance, you can use them as a snack and drink table next to your sofa or as a laptop or tablet holder while taking a relaxing bubble bath in your bathroom since they aren’t bulky and save a lot of space. Aside from that, they come in many stylish designs to fit your room’s style.

The tray-top end tables are the most minimalist type, perfect to fit any contemporary or Scandinavian styled room since they come in different designs, textures and finishes. They are also very practical since you can easily move them wherever you need them while they’re holding your favourite book and a cup of tea, drinks for your guests, you name it.

The chairside end tables are a lot smaller compared to the other ones, and as their name says, they’re perfect for being paired along with accent chairs, sofas and any other home furniture where you need to keep some things within reach.

The nesting tables were very popular in the previous century due to their ability to be layered and providing some extra space while looking stylish. Even though these tables come in different designs and finishes, they’re not recommended to be layered in small spaces since they can take a little bit more of the space you intended for an end table.

End Table

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How to Style Your End Table

After you choose the perfect end table for your room, it’s time to style it. While this can be a lot of people’s favourite part, some can find it overwhelming since not everybody is blessed with an eye for design. If you’re part of the latter group, we’ve got you covered up with a couple of tips on how to style these cute elements.

Starting from their most common purpose, as we mentioned before, end tables are a great way to put a couple of things that clutter your room – remotes in your living room, keys in your hallway, different chargers, etc. To make all these things look purposefully arranged and not just scattered, place them in a stylish tray where you can add a couple of nice candles or fresh flowers.

Candles being mentioned, you can always use one of these convenient end tables in your bedroom, close to your bathtub or any other place where you’re having your daily meditating session. In addition to the candles, you can add a nice essential oils diffuser to enhance the relaxing ambience even more.

End tables can be used for many purposes in your bedroom too. They work perfectly when next to a small vanity to hold your jewellery box or for turning a free corner into your personal library with a stack of your favourite books and a nice table lamp. Your little end-table library doesn’t have to be in your bedroom, since a nice end table with a couple of books can also look lovely in your living room, home office, next to a fireplace and any other free space.

If you have a boring empty corner in your dining room, know that you can also easily freshen it up with a nice end table. You can use one of the tray-top ones, or any other end table by your choice and make a little personal bar where you can keep a couple of nice glasses along with your favourite spirit. Not only will you add a creative touch to your plain dining room, but you’ll also make the space more functional.

There’re a lot more ways to style your new end table as long as you have a little bit of enthusiasm. So, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and wake up the creativity in yourself to try different ways of styling these cute elements. You’re going to love them!