Less Is More – Designing Your Home the Scandinavian Way

No interior style has thus far managed to occupy the feeds of Instagram and Pinterest quite like the minimal, white-loving Scandinavian oasis has. The clean lines, soothing colour palette, and broad, uncluttered spaces have captivated the hearts of homeowners who are in love with this style. Besides looking sleek and magazine-worthy, Scandinavian is also a no-frills, easy to achieve look that can fit within anyone’s budget. If Scandinavian has managed to put that spell on you, quite like on the rest of us, here’s what you need to know to make it work in your living space.

Scandinavian seating furniture

Going Au Naturale

No, this doesn’t mean completely stripping down your interior. We’re talking about natural materials. Scandinavian design has always drawn its inspiration from nature, and that’s the main reason this minimalistic style feels unusually warm. Sturdy, rich woods like oak, walnut and birch are used to create Scandinavian seating furniture, dining room sets, storage units and coffee tables that have a cosy, inviting vibe.

Floors also follow the same pattern, whether they are wide-planked oak floors or an engineered alternative. The presence of wood creates the perfect contrast to all those white walls. Pro tip: in a single room, keep the various types of timber to the minimum as to not overwhelm the space.

Timeless Furniture Designs

Not all wooden furnishings are fit to carry the label Scandinavian. True Scandinavian furniture pieces have organic shapes, a timeless spirit, simple lines, and are designed to offer functionality in hard-working homes. For instance, Scandinavian seating furniture has a distinct streamlined appeal. Sofas have almost invisible legs, and accent is always put on the bulky, upholstered seats that can fit the whole family for a hygge-perfect film night.

A Soft, Muted Colour Palette

As a general rule, colours need to be muted. The white walls and wooden furniture in neutral colours, like dark brown and charcoal grey, help capture the snowy, wintery mood Scandinavia is known for. Think of ways to further incorporate shades like olive greens, creams and ochre through accent pieces to give more layers and depth to the look. A few décor pieces in bolder colours like red or dark blue can provide refreshing interest to prevent the space from feeling too cold or flat.

Remember – Less is More

And finally, in order to make the space feel genuinely Scandinavian, you need to keep your furniture and décor pieces to the bare minimum. This style frowns upon carpets and large rugs, and it’s all about wide, clean floors. The same goes for the windows, which tend to be large and best left curtain-less, shielded only with some form of minimalistic blinds. Whether in the living room, kitchen, or office, always minimize clutter and have your shelves and tabletops clean. Display only useful things or décor that tells a story. The rest should be neatly hidden away in functional storage units.