Raising World’s Awareness With the Movie Trade Of Innocents

Environmental decay, government corruption and human trafficking are the most prevalent social issues of the modern day that unfortunately, we prefer to ignore and sweep under the carpet instead of confronting them. Raising the global awareness about the giant problems human society is faced with nowadays is extremely important, and ‘Trade of Innocents’ is the movie that speaks best about it.

Released in 2012 and featuring Dermot Mulroney (best known for his roles in movies My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Wedding Date), Mira Sorvino, Trieu Tran and John Billingsley, the movie Trade of Innocents is an excellent thriller that speaks about one of the most dreadful and heartbreaking issues of the 21st century, the child trafficking. Sad, but true, human trafficking has become the largest criminal ‘enterprise’.


Christopher Bessette, the director of ‘Trade of Innocents’, has perfectly pictured this global problem via the story of Alex Becker (Dermot Mulroney) and Claire (Mira Sorvino), a married couple that bravely begin their mission in South East Asia against the unscrupulous sex slave trade, where thousands of women and children are sold and purchased for exploitation. Alex Becker is a former American soldier and a present human-trafficking investigator. His wife Claire, works as a volunteer in a rescued-girls shelter. The couple is driven to start the battle against child trafficking after their little daughter has been kidnapped and remorselessly murdered.

The movie Trade of Innocents pictures explicit scenes of horrible, terrifying human trafficking cases. The couple’s main focus is finding Duke, a cruel pimp and slaver, well-reputed for kidnapping young girls and selling them to foreign pedophiles. The main reason for the wide-spread network of the selling and purchasing of young girls is the belief that having sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure the plague of the 21st century – AIDS. There is also John Malcolm, a wicked and dishonorable American businessman, who is actually Duke’s most important client. Malcolm is looking for a 7-year old virgin and he throws an eye on a cute Cambodian girl that has recently come in the area after her mother’s death.

Movie reviews say that ‘Trade of Innocents’ is indeed a powerful film worth seeing. They describe it as the most outstanding thriller with a shocking, heartbreaking and unforgettable plot. Watching this movie will awake many questions in you, but the first thing that will come to your mind will be: ‘What if this happens to my daughter?