One Night With the King Movie Review

One Night With The King is truly an amazing historical Biblical movie that has won the hearts of many. The movie has received a negative reception from the press, but not from the audience. One Night with the King is based on the Book of Esther (in the 3rd section of the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament) and tells a story about the life of a beautiful, young Jewish girl named Hadassah. Hadassah becomes the Queen of Persia and saves her people, the Jewish nation, from annihilation at the hands of its arch enemy, the Persian people. She risks her own life and stands up to the King only to save her people.


One Night With The King tells the story of Hadassah (Esther) through action, adventure, intensity and plenty of intrigue and suspense. This inspirational and historical movie is directed by Michael O. Sajbel and the screenplay is written by Tommy Tenney, a best-selling author who has a natural gift for leading hungry people into the arms of God. The main protagonists of One Night With The King are the Persian King Xerxes I, starred by Luke Goss and Hadassah (Eshter), starred by Tiffany Dupont. The rest of the cast includes the vizier of the Persian Empire – Haman (James Callis), Esther’s cousin – Mordecai (John Rhys-Davies), Esther’s close friend Jesse (Jonah Lotan), Prince Memucan (Omar Sharif), Prince Admantha (John Nobble) and others.

When the King Xerxes I leaves his wife Queen Vashti, he starts looking for a new queen. The moment Esther appeared before him without any gold and jewels on her, he asked her how could he purchase her love so cheaply. Her reply was truly amazing and memorable: “I am neither a buyer nor a seller of love. If it can be purchased, it is not a love”. This is how Hadassah managed to find the way to King Xerxes’ heart and conquer it.

However, Haman, the vizier of the King, is not thrilled with the love story between Esther and King Xerxes. He convinces the King Xerxes to destroy all the Jews in the land. Luckily, the new queen Esther is not only lovable, but very brave and wise. She “discovers the plot and breaks protocol by going before the king unsummoned, risking her life to plead for her people.” Wikipedia. As her cousin Mordecai said to Esther, she was sent by God to save the entire Jewish race.

One Night With The King is a must-watch movie for all Christians.