Movie Fireproof Will Remind You What Love Is Really All About

The movie Fireproof is a popular Christian-inspired drama and romance released in 2008. The story of the movie is based on the book “The Love Dare” which was written by the directors of “Fireproof”, Alex and Steven Kendrick. The movie portrays the story of Caleb and Catherine who have been married for seven years but their marriage starts to fall apart; they are going through a crisis and start questioning the meaning of their marriage.

Captain Caleb is a firefighter and lives by the firefighter’s rule: “Never leave your partner”. Yet at home, things with his loved one are starting to fall apart as he starts to live by his own rules. The endless fights and arguments make the couple wanting to move forward to something better. Finding no way out of the hard times they both are going through, the couple prepares to file for divorce. However, before ending things with Catherine for good, Caleb’s father advises him to postpone the divorce proceedings and challenges him to commit to a 40-day experiment – “The Love Dare” in order to try to save their marriage.


Caleb’s friend, Michael, also discourages him to pursue the divorce, telling him that Caleb risks his life to save other people as a firefighter, but when it comes to his marriage, he is unwilling. Michael tries to make a point and glues pepper and salt shakers together, telling him that if they are pulled apart, one of them or maybe even both will break. He tries to persuade him that he has to put up a fight to save his marriage, just like he does to save other people’s lives. After all, Caleb decides to accept the challenge and gives his best to complete the given tasks.

What happens next? Take some time to watch this thrilling drama and learn many useful things from it.

Nowadays, we live in a society in which marriage relationships are not taken as serious as they should be. When things get difficult, the easiest thing to do is divorce, and we see this pattern happening over and over again for so many couples. The movie Fireproof challenges our culture’s perspectives on marriage as Caleb resolves to save his marriage and fight for the woman he loves. This movie sends a strong message – even though at some point you might think there is no way to solve your marriage problems which are suffocating you, hold on, take a deep breath and do not hurry in your decisions.

The movie Fireproof is a piece of art which is worth watching. It is an inspirational story that will make you think about the real value of your marriage and will remind you what love is really all about. So, hug your loved one today and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Being in love is the greatest thing that can happen to you, but it also takes a lot of work. Never, ever underestimate the one you once fell in love with. You once saw something in them that made your heart skip a beat, look for it again and never give up.