Camping Gear Essentials: Make Your Outdoor Adventures Much More Enjoyable

Camping is one of the most favoured hobbies among many Aussies, and there’re many reasons behind it. Not only will you get to explore the many hidden beauties our land offers, but it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your family or your most loved ones. But when it comes to camping, know that your experience won’t be that great if you don’t carry the essential camping equipment. This is why I put together a couple of must-have outdoor and camping gear pieces to get you ready for your next adventure in the wilderness.

A Camping Tent

camping tent on lake

Whether you decide to hit your closest camping supplies store or explore online camping equipment shops, the camping tent is the primary and the most important piece of equipment you need to pack in your backpack, since how else will you protect yourself from intruders while spending the night under the open sky and fill your batteries to continue your adventure once the sun rises?

But when it comes to choosing a camping tent, make sure you get a durable and high-quality one. This means choosing fabrics such as nylon and polyester since they’re the sturdiest, completely waterproof and the most UV resistant fabrics to keep you warm and dry. Seasonality also plays a crucial role, so make sure you choose depending on the weather conditions. If you’re going to camp during the hot summer season, then a three-season tent with air ventilation is undoubtedly the most suitable option. But if you’re an adventurous person who loves to explore the wilderness while it’s freezing cold, then a four-season tent made of less breathable fabric is required.

A Camping Table and Chairs

camping table and chairs

Even if you provide yourself with the best quality tent for your camping trips, know that it won’t be the same without a set of camping table and chairs. Same as your dining table at home, a convenient camping table will serve for sharing your meals, playing different games for fun and making strategies for how to get to that hidden part of your camping ground.

So, once you start looking for a set when on your online camping equipment exploring adventure, make sure you choose one that will accommodate all the people you’re camping with, consider what are you going to use it for and how much available space is available in your tent.

When it comes to chairs, make sure you choose stable ones so you don’t risk anybody falling down and injuring themselves. Also, it’s preferred if the chairs feature cup holders, footrests and head pads so everybody can feel comfortable while enjoying a cup of coffee or a can of beer under the open sky.

A Sleeping Mat

man on camping sleeps on sleeping mat

Once you get done with your exploring adventure and enjoying nature, it’s time to hit your tent and finally get some rest. But regardless of the tent, know that you won’t get a good night’s sleep while camping if you don’t have a comfortable sleeping surface. This is why sleeping mats are always recommended. They support your body while you’re resting and serve as a barrier between you and the cold, rocky or wet ground in the wilderness.

But camping equipment stores offer many different types of camping sleeping mats, so make sure you choose one that’s compact, comfortable and appropriately sized. For instance, if you don’t want to carry much bulk in your backpack, then air mats are the most compact and lightweight option for you. But if you don’t mind carrying some bulk on account of being warm and comfy while sleeping, then self-inflating mats are perfect to adjust the firmness to your preferences. If you want to add some extra warmth, then you won’t go wrong with a closed-cell foam mat.

Lighting Sources

lighting sources while camping

I don’t doubt that your campsite is a very beautiful place to stay during the daylight, but you probably agree that it can become a little bit scary when the sun goes down. This is why you should always have enough lighting sources.

For instance, a good camping flashlight is more than required to light up your path while you’re taking a stroll along your camping ground, or you simply need to grab something from your tent while it’s dark. But aside from flashlights, LED strip lights are a great option to illuminate the entire tent area and even achieve the ambience you desire. If you want something more compact and discrete, then a camping lantern can be a great replacement for the strip lights, while a head torch can be a more compact and handy option instead of holding a flashlight while walking.

A Portable Cooking System

portable cooking system for camping

What most of the campers struggle with while packing their camping backpack is the food they need to carry on their trip. We all know that it’s not convenient to carry all those bulky and large pots and pans from home, and dried camping meals also aren’t the tastiest option. This is why you need a portable cooking set intended for campers. These sets are completely compact, lightweight and designed to perfectly fit your backpack without taking much of your valuable space. They usually include compact pots, kettles, bowls and cups as well as compact camping stoves and cans of fuel. So don’t hesitate to get yourself one once you visit your favourite outdoors camping shop.

Water Filtration Systems

water filtration while camping

You probably know the importance of staying hydrated while “roaming around” the wilderness. But being a camper means that you also probably know that the camping grounds offer many “questionable” sources of water that is not always safe for consumption, even if it looks perfectly clear. But this doesn’t mean that you need to buy bulks of water for your next camping trip, since almost every camping equipment shop offers convenient water filtration systems. These systems are very versatile and come in many different shapes and sizes to fit everybody’s needs and preferences – from the mini ones that will fit in your pocket and the palm of your hand to the larger containers that can accommodate up to 4L of water.

A Bug Repellent

man spraying for bugs while camping

And last but not least are the life-saving bug repellents. Australia is the homeland of many dangerous insects, venomous spiders, mosquitoes and ticks that transmit many life-endangering diseases. But if you’re resisting using bug repellent because they aren’t environment friendly and they kill these insects, know that you’re very wrong. In fact, bugs and insects are attracted to your skin odour and the carbon dioxide you exhale, and a bug repellent will just cut their ability to find a human host by affecting their senses, which means that you’ll always stay protected without harming mother nature too. They’re also water and sweat resistant, and some of them can even contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Such insects and bug repellents can be found in every outdoor camping shop, so don’t hesitate to get yourself one the next time you’re getting packed for your upcoming wilderness adventure. Once you provide yourself with the right equipment for camping, you can finally hit your favourite camping spot and have the most enjoyable camping trip ever.