Which Features Make a Good Flashlight for Camping?

There is a certain magic to the night when camping. You can see the sky full of stars, feel the smell of trees and grass and just enjoy the silence and darkness. But although there is great beauty in living in nature, complete darkness is not what most of us are comfortable with. You will still need to use something to find your way around the camp and for walking around. In this case, a reliable flashlight for camping is the ideal tool – it will help make your camping experience safer and much more pleasant.

Like a magic wand, a flashlight for camping lights the path to wherever you need to go. Thanks to the improvements in lighting options, nowadays you can find models of flashlight for camping that are smaller, lighter, and brighter. I recommend that you choose a flashlight that isn’t too small (so you don’t lose it) and one that isn’t too big as well (so that it isn’t too heavy to hold).

Considering that most flashlights come with LED technology, you will have to choose the right level of brightness for whatever you need the device. For example, for finding items in the tent or for reading a book, a 30 or 40-lumen flashlight will be more than enough. But if you are worried about Sasquatch lurking from the shadows, you can opt for a flashlight with over 3000 lumens which will pierce the dark with its bright beam.

If you need a way to function in the dark and see what are you doing and where are you going without holding a torch, get a headlamp. Its elastic straps will ensure it properly fits your head, allowing you to point light where you’re looking. For camp use, look for a model that’s closer to 100 lumens. While most headlamp models have a flood light, the more expensive ones often offer a spot beam and sometimes a strobe to save power in case there is an emergency.

You might also want to consider a headlamp with a red light feature. Red lights don’t affect our eyes as white light does, which is a reason why astronomers use them to examine star charts at night. Red light will allow you to read without bothering your fellow campers. It is also handy for getting out of the tent at night to quickly go to the restroom without waking up the other people in the tent. To be able to use your headlamp in different weather conditions, get a headlamp that is water resistant. This isn’t a must for the casual camper but it is definitely a good feature to have.