Design Tweaks to Make a Small Bedroom with a King Size Bed Feel Like a Cozy Heaven

No matter the size of your bedroom, creating a cosy and appealing one is possible by making the right furniture and details choices. A functional and stylish small bedroom should have all the necessities like a bed, bedside tables and wardrobe. You can even create a reading nook to make it cosier and more welcoming. The space of a room isn’t the thing that matters the most, it’s the details that will make it pop and turn it into your sacred haven.

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Headboard

king size bed headboard

Being the focal point in a bedroom, the bed you choose should be chic and eye-catching. When in the search for the right bed, you should put an emphasis on the height of your headboard. The trick to making your bedroom look taller is choosing a bed headboard that is significantly high and wide, so your bed could look larger. The look of the headboard is all up to you, but if you want to stick to the trick of making your room bigger, you can opt for striking vertical headboard in the colour you want.

To make it look wider, you can choose a wider headboard on which you could install the modern-looking bedside tables. Keep in mind that this option could be only available for beds with wooden headboards, as there is almost no chance that you could install bedside tables onto an upholstered headboard. In case you have something else in mind, you can always contact a manufacturer that is willing to make you a customised bed.

Choose Comfortable and Soft Sheets

beautiful white soft sheets

No matter whether you’re looking for bed sheets for king size bed or smaller ones, it’s very important to choose quality and comfortable ones. Not all sheets are made the same these days and unfortunately, many people let the price be their main factor when it comes to buying bed sheets. If you want to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in soft to touch, cottony and luxury bed sheets for king size bed, then we suggest you choose cotton and bamboo as they are premium materials.

Using the natural fibres from the cotton plant, cotton king size bed sheets are soft, durable, easy to care for and maintain. Cotton is one of the oldest and most commonly used types of fabric because of its numerous health benefits for us. Besides being soft and durable, cotton is also classified as a hypo-allergenic type of fabric that can be used by people with the most sensitive skin. It’s also breathable and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. If made properly, these sheets can last you a lifetime, literally.

Bamboo is another great option for making bedsheets recently because of its amazing benefits. It resembles a lot of cotton, mainly because of its softness, durability and breathability. Considering the fact that bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, quite often is considered as the eco-friendliest fabric option of all types of resources. When compared, both of these materials have quite similar properties with the main difference that bamboo can hold dye better. Regarding the fabrics’ purity, both of these materials are available in their purest organic form. But in order to find them, make sure to buy from a reliable and trusted supplier that sells only high-quality sheet sets coming from reputable brands.

If you’re wondering ‘what size fitted sheet for a king size bed’ to buy, you should keep in mind that there is a difference between Australian and US king size bed dimensions. In Australia, the size of a king bed fitted sheet usually is 182cm x 203xm + 40cm. However, before making any purchase make sure to double-check the product’s dimensions.

Consider Adding Art Prints

wedding wall print in bedroom

When talking about details, wall arts can certainly make your bedroom look comfier without taking up any free floor space. Because the bedroom is a place where you should relax, choosing a wall print that can reflect that is paramount. According to interior designers, the ideal place to hang some appealing wall print is right above the bed or on the opposite wall. You can either choose a larger piece or add several smaller ones and create sort of a gallery wall. If what you want is to add larger wall art, it’s recommended to hang it at eye level. In case you would love to have a taller bed headboard while also sticking to a larger art print, it would be best if you hang it on the opposite wall in order to avoid clutter.

When in the search for the right style, it’s said that abstract wall prints with soothing colours and tones because the bedroom is a place designed for soothing your mind and decreasing any stress you might be feeling. In case you want to add something different, you can always choose photography or landscapes, however, make sure you stick to the rule of choosing more toned down and desaturated colours.

The last thing to have in mind when choosing the right wall art are the frames. Since your room is small and you don’t want to over clutter it, you should stick to the minimal and simple frames. The truth is that there are numerous frames and art prints from which you can choose, making it quite easy for you to find the right pieces/s that will meet your small but stylish bedroom. If you’re not an artistic soul and have no idea how to choose the right one, you can always consult with your supplier or the store’s customer service.