Contemporary Bedside Tables: The Ideal Styling Furniture Pieces

When describing a bedroom, we usually use the bed as the focal point, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s the only focal point, having in mind there are also the bedside tables on both sides that have a great role in the functionality and décor of the room.

What we all want in a bedside table is to have enough storage space for keeping those night pleasures close at hand, and by pleasures it’s nothing sex related, but rather books and snacks! Then again, no one says that space can’t be used for decoration either, and here are the ways you can use the stylish and practical, ornament-free contemporary bedside tables, as the pieces of furniture that can do with a bit of styling from you.
Contemporary Bedside Tables
Any bedside table is perfect for that extra source of light, and the type you choose depends on the size of bedside table, so don’t forget to measure up prior to purchasing a lamp. The use of candles comes in handy with smaller tables, and when you want to create a romantic atmosphere, but beware of fire! You get bonus points if the candle is scented, as you can count on turning the bedroom into an oasis of your own, filling it up with the perfect fragrance that evokes relaxation.

Regardless of whether your contemporary bedside tables are upholstered or not, there’s room for some colour and texture. Just because paintings are ideal hanging on walls, doesn’t mean they can’t be used placed beside the bedside tables either. In case it’s a smaller painting, you can place it beside the lamp as well, this way you’d have a beautiful view right beside you (apart from your soulmate that is!).

Even if you don’t have some painting that small to fit there, any favourite artwork of yours would do. The same goes for all of your items reminding you of beautiful times, and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences – customising the bedside tables with a personal touch is always a recipe for success.
Contemporary Bedside Tables
It’s fun decorating when you can play with a variety of items differing in shapes and sizes, using them to create a diversity of layers. Anything that’s interesting for you to have it displayed can serve well here, be that favourite books, family photos, or perfume bottles. You can make it even more fun by including your jewellery, showcasing it on a stylish tray, or jewellery box.

An important aspect to have in mind when you resort to all of the abovementioned sources of decoration is to mind the colours, taking the predominating room colours into consideration, to avoid getting the result of a visual mess.