Zeroing In On H2O: Those Recommended Glasses Won’t Drink Themselves

That water bottle you bought specially for your office and fill religiously every morning before you start working, never gets entirely emptied, does it? You fill it up because we all know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the ultimate way to ensure your body receives the proper hydration and operates smoothly. But, if we are all aware of the huge importance of water for the proper functioning of the body, why don’t we make the efforts to consume it in the needed quantity?

stevia water enhancer

The truth is, there are people who really don’t understand the importance of drinking water. They only remember to drink a glass of it when they feel thirst, without realizing that they should have taken care of that need before. I’m saying this because the truth is, the moment you start feeling thirsty, your body is signalling that you’re dehydrated and you should drink water. Otherwise, your organism will start using the water from the cells, which won’t be a very pleasant situation for you. This is explained in the simplest way possible, but the chemistry behind it is way more complex. So, if you can’t understand and accept it this way and still think you’re fine without water, I just hope you don’t collapse somewhere eventually, trying to resist the urge to drink water.

And then, there’s the group of people who simply can’t motivate themselves to drink it.. They find drinking water boring and not exciting enough so they oftentimes compare it to fancier liquids, like freshly-squeezed juices, tea, alcohol or carbonated drinks. True, all of these taste a lot better and are a real temptation, but they should not in any case be the substitutes for water. A large, juicy burger with a cup of Coke? Yes, please! But not necessarily the healthiest option. While the previous group really needs to get more informed about the body’s needs, the latter one could really use the help of a rather interesting product on the market: the stevia water enhancer.

Water doesn’t have any taste, and that’s not discussable. However, when you face some kind of temptation in the form of a carbonated drink, a water enhancer could really be your saviour and help you stick to your diet regimen. The stevia water enhancer does just that: it adds flavour to your fresh water without the calories of flavoured drinks, such as Coca Cola for instance. As its name suggests, this enhancer is made from organic stevia, and we all know just how little of this sweetener you need to add to your food or drink to make it sweeter!

Besides the fact that it adds sweetness, I should mention the importance of the fact that the origin of this water enhancer, is the plant stevia. Stevia plant, or also known as a sweetleaf or sugarleaf, is a plant from the family of sweet plants, thanks to the many different glycosides it contains. As a plant, stevia contains no sugar (the bad one we all know and love so much), no calories and no other macronutrients. As such, it is about 300 times sweeter than artificial sugar, which means, if you plan on adding it to your foods or drinks, you should add less than a half teaspoon of it. Just for illustration: one cup of white, refined sugar equals 2-3 teaspoons of powdered stevia.

So, now that there’s a simpler way to make drinking water a bit more interesting and fancy, sort to say, there simply shouldn’t be any excuse left for you not to take your 8 glasses of water a day.