Why You Should Read David Platt’s Radical

David Platt is an American pastor and one of the most popular Christian authors. “Radical” is one of the top-selling books by David Platt. Before “Radical”, David Platt was a simple and ordinary author, but when he created “Radical” he gained a huge popularity all across America. He graduated on the University of Georgia with Bachelor in journalism and a Master of Divinity, making him one of the most educated American Christian authors. David Platt is also the founder of Radical, a ministry devoted to serve the church in America.

Radical by David Platt

The author of “Radical is deeply devoted to serve Christ and His word by sharing, showing, and teaching about God’s word. David traveled all around the United States and in other countries in the world to serve alongside the church leaders. His best-selling book, “Radical”, quickly become a must-read among Christians. In his book, David Platt thinks that the Christians in America have forgotten the way Jesus told them to live.

One of the reasons why you should read Platt’s “Radical” is that it will force you to re-examine your faith and connection to God, your life, life values and life goals. With strong critiques, David Platt blames the American church for the creation of different perceptions about Jesus. The author of “Radical” says that the American believers have accepted ideas and life values that are not related to the Holy Bible. After reading all 240 pages, you will definitely re-examine yourself and see whether you are living according to the Bible.

David states that the American Christians are missing out what is radical about their faith and replace it with what they feel as more comfortable. Some even develop a weird mentality to worship themselves more than Jesus. The author explains that the American believers are making up new gods in their minds and forget about the only God and the Holy Bible.

In his best-selling book, David Platt challenges all Christians in America to identify how they have manipulated the gospel to fit their cultural preferences. If you want to re-examine your connection with God, just read “Radical” by David Platt. Be prepared for a “radical” challenge.