What’s So Amazing About Grace By Philip Yancey

Philip Yaney’s 1997 award winning book What’s So Amazing About Grace is probably one of the most popular ones written about grace. The book is a collection of different stories about worldly ungrace versus supernatural grace. Stories collected in the book represent events from history until the time of book writing and also feature classic fiction and everyday family dramas. What’s So Amazing About Grace is a colorful book that if turned into TV series will definitely become a winner. A great book that has achieved success in its goal of conveying grace.

whats so amazing about grace

In What’s So Amazing About Grace Yancey shows his impression with the grace-dispensing routine of Alcoholics Anonymous. He thinks that church will be much better if people adopt AA’s standards of radical honesty and complete dependence on God. For those who are worried with the right meaning of words like charity and grace, it’s quite puzzling that Yancey uses the word saint, generally to describe an individual who is religious and self-righteous. He makes clear that “true saints never lose sight of their sinfulness”.

According to Yancey, spiritual maturity is being knowledgeable of personal impurities. But, the Bible challenges us to grow in the knowledge and grace of Him. Real spiritual maturity comes from knowing Jesus. Yancey forcefully argues that people need forgiveness if they are to crack the chains of ungrace. If we do not forgive other people, God would not forgive us. So, the forgiveness does not start with us but with God. As Yancey says, forgiveness is a gift. You can’t qualify for it or earn it. You can just receive it.

The desire of Yancey is to see the church become area where grace is allocated. So, how can people forgive when forgiveness is usually so hard to do? As Yancey says, you must try because it is all up to you. The choice is quite simple, you can trust or you can try. But what will you do when your life hands you a difficult challenge? How to forgive the not forgivable? How to love those who use you? According to What’s So Amazing About Grace, we shouldn’t try to be perfect because that is hypocrisy.

The life of Christians isn’t just hard. It is impossible. No person can live this life except Christ. The key to be successful isn’t to try harder, but to see yourself crucified with Christ. Grace is truly amazing and Philip does a great job of telling stories about it in the What’s So Amazing About Grace book.