What can plastic wrapping be used for

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Plastic wrapping is one of those items that are essential in your kitchen. We use it to store food, secure leftovers, even wrap documents to keep them in original shape. Alternative solution is foil which some people say it is more effective in preserving the scent and smell of food and plus, it can be used for reheating as it can withstand heat. Regardless of these foil benefits, plastic wrapping seems to be more practical because it can be used for items other than food as well.

Medical purpose

Doctors say that some skin injuries like severe burns and rashes can be faster dealt with if we use plastic wrapping. Even some ambulance vehicles include plastic wrap in their first aid kit. The procedure of how plastic wrap is used in these situations is quite simple and predictable. On the damaged skin area apply a cream prescribed by your doctor and cover it with plastic wrap. Fixate the wrap using adhesive or duck tape – anything works fine. Consequently, plastic wrapping will improve the healing procedure and preserve the affected skin area from dust and infections.

Easier fridge cleaning

We all know how annoying it can be to clean the freezer or other shelves in your refrigerator. Apart from the fact that you have to take out all the food, you need to wait for an hour or two for the fridge to defrost, and then start scrubbing and cleaning. To avoid hard work, use plastic wrapping on shelves and in the freezer. Put plastic wrapping inside the freezer and cover shelves with it for quick and easy cleaning. Hence, next time you have to clean your refrigerator, you’ll just have to defrost it, remove plastic wraps and put new ones.

Keep paint fresh

Wonder what to do with paint that was left after the paint job. If you have repainted you room or garden fence and have half-full buckets of color left, you can preserve paint if you use plastic wrap to cover buckets.

Store items you don’t use

Whether you are switching from summer to winter season or the other way around, clothes, sheets and blankets need to be placed in the garage or storage room (if you have one). In this case people mostly use boxes, but these are prone to water damage so don’t be surprised if you find mold in them. Instead use plastic wrap. Also, shrink wrapping can be used for old important documents that you don’t have where to place them. All you need to do is just wrap them up and place them in a safe place.