Vinyl Planking Floors: Get The Look Of Hardwood For Less

Have you ever heard anyone walk into a home and say, ‘ Yuck. Hardwood floors.’ I don’t think so. And chances are you won’t. People love hardwood floors because they are timeless, classic, elegant and go with every type of d├ęcor. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. The only problem with this flooring is the fact that it does not fit everybody’s budget. For this reason, many are turning to vinyl planking floors, which provide the look and durability of a hardwood floor for a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl Planking Floors

But these are only two of the many reasons that vinyl planking floors are becoming the number one choice among homeowners. In addition to its low cost and durability, there are other factors you should consider when shopping for vinyl planking floors.


The quality of a vinyl planking floor is based on its wear surface, thickness, and other factors. It thickness ranges from 2mm on the low end to 6mm for the models that include a commercial warranty. Stain-and-scuff-resistant options come with a durable urethane wear layer while lower-priced models require special cleaners that mimic a urethane finish after various applications. High-quality models also provide waterproof guarantees and ultraviolet stability to prevent fading, mildew and mold inhibitors.


Vinyl planking floors can be installed by using either glue-down or floating methods. Some models even come with self-adhesive strips, which secure the planks to each other, creating a floating floor. But there are also some models that click together and are installed like laminate flooring, making them a good DIY project.


Modern techniques mean that most vinyl flooring is pretty durable, (some manufacturers offer guarantees of up to 15 years), extremely low maintenance, and their aesthetic design is usually just as authentic looking as the real thing.

Due to all the advantages that vinyl planking floors offer, homeowners are often willing to spend more for models that best resemble real hardwood. Textured surfaces feature ridges that imitate the grain and knots of the wood species and give a more realistic look than smooth vinyl planks.


Vinyl planking floors are an innovative and affordable way to enjoy the look of hardwood floors. It is also a creative way to add decorative finishes, like weathered or white-washed wood planks to your home. To get the most out of your money, make sure that you consider all the factors listed above when comparing price. Also, remember to check out various samples before making your final decision.