Uses, Features and Benefits of Jack Stands

By combining their love for cars and extensive knowledge of all their mechanical components, automotive technicians can provide a range of professional services, from maintenance to repair of all kinds of vehicles. A reliable and experienced car technician should not only know how to locate the problem that is preventing a vehicle from performing correctly, but also provide customers with useful advice on how to take better care of their vehicles so as to avoid such mechanical issues.

The technology of modern cars is constantly changing and improving, therefore as a car technician you need to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest advancements so that you can provide your customers with the best services and advice. This is actually one of the most dynamic, interesting and challenging jobs and can surely bring a sense of satisfaction. After all, by repairing and improving the mechanical parts of vehicles you’re contributing to a safer traffic and more efficient transport. To do this, you need to expand your knowledge and improve your skills regularly. What’s more, you need to make sure your repair shop is equipped with the best tools that can make your job safer and more productive.

Safety is probably the most important aspect of working as a car mechanic. Many repair and maintenance tasks are performed beneath heavy vehicles that need to be lifted properly off the ground to avoid safety hazards. Getting crushed by a heavy vehicle is one of the most serious injuries that mechanics can suffer on the workplace. This often happens because the mechanic has made the mistake of using only jacks to keep the car off the ground. Jacks are tools that provide some level of support but in many cases they are not strong enough to withstand the whole weight of the car. That’s why, in order to avoid getting injured, all car technicians should use a heavy duty jack together with jack stands. These are essential tools that every repair shop should have. You can easily find such tools online and they are specifically designed to hold a raised car safely into place.

Jack stands can be used for many different jobs, from replacing tyres and installing mufflers to changing oil and inspecting exhaust pipes. They have a unique shape that looks very similar to a tower or tripod. While these tools are very reliable, they must be used correctly to provide the required level of safety and efficiency. When lifting a vehicle, you should always place the jack stands on a hard and flat surface. Also, the jack stand you’re using should be designed to withstand the weight of the vehicle that is being raised. Never use a jack that has a lower weight capacity of the car that you want to lift. The jack stand tools online stores have on offer are often categorized according to their maximum weight and height capacities. Their weight capacity often ranges between 1 and 10 tons, but there are also heavy duty models that can have a higher capacity. Advanced models of jack stands come with adjustable height that allow you to position the vehicle at a height that best suits your specific working conditions.