Types of Cranes used in Construction Industry – Part 1

Construction sector is one of the largest growing in Australia. Recent reports showed a rise in the demand for new construction structures in the past decade with the satisfactory growth in turnover. Although, Australia’s construction companies still face hardships in terms of finding skilled work force, the demand for heavy-duty constructions machine has increased. Specifically, cranes.

In general, cranes are lifting machines equipped with sheaves, a hoist, a boom, chains or wire ropes capable of lifting super heavy materials and objects at great heights. Being the versatile, durable and super powerful machines they are, cranes are very important assets in construction and other industry sectors. Cranes replaced humans in completion of heavy-duty lifting tasks which are not on,y difficult, but time consuming as well. Mounted on some type of transportation vehicle (in most cases, a truck) or fixed to the ground, cranes are a common equipment on construction sites hard to miss. Due to the high diversity of construction applications, there is a crane type for each.


All Terrain Cranes

Put in layman’s terms, all terrain cranes are cranes mounted on truck. A perfect combination of rough terrain and truck-mounted cranes, all terrain cranes are characterized with the ability to work on any type of surface and can travel at high speeds. This eliminates the need for additional transportation vehicle to move the all terrain cranes from one location to another, as is the case with most crane types. Capable of lifting, loading and unloading heavy loads, all terrain cranes are designed to provide great mobility, flexibility and reliability and ensure efficient and timely completion of lifting tasks. Loaded with numerous features that ensure complete safety, easy operation and maintenance, all terrain cranes are worthy investments and inevitable part of numerous construction-related tasks.


Tower Cranes

Mostly used in the construction of tall construction structures, tower cranes are characterized with superior lifting capacity and can reach great heights. Equipped with a tower, slewing unit, operator’s cabin and a horizontal jib (one long and one shorter), lifting hook, tower cranes are affixed to the base which is fixed to the ground. These cranes, aside form the operator which usually sits in the operator’s cabin, require a signal person to guide the operator and ensure efficient and safe tower crane operations. These cranes can lift very large loads. However, the weight tower cranes can lift is in close correlation with the position of the load. The closer the load is to the base, the more weight tower cranes can lift.


To be continued… Types of Cranes used in Construction Industry – Part 2