Top Things to Know About Automotive Switch Wiring Adaptors

How many times have you purchased new lights or electrical switches for your truck or ute, only to realize that you were going to have to spend an evening re-pinning connectors and splicing into your harness to wired them up?

No one enjoys cutting and splicing factory wiring harnesses or struggling with stubborn connectors. It’s more than just frustrating, though: it’s an agonizing time consumer that ultimately distracts from the reason you purchased new lights in the first place.

If your new lights came with their own input switches and plug and play harnesses, half the battle’s already won: the other half is getting it all connected and powered. It doesn’t have to be a headache though, because there are adaptors available that are designed to eliminate the task of tapping and tearing into your vehicle’s harness, and to give you a result that’s as reliable as a factory install.

Upgrade Your Lights Correctly With Light Switch Adaptors


Let’s face it: although adding new hunting or driving lights onto your vehicle can make hunting and long drives infinitely more pleasant, getting them wired and operational can be daunting. Installing them using high-quality 8-pin automotive switch wiring adaptors, however, takes the painstaking guesswork out of identifying and creating new wire pinouts: a task that can be especially arduous if you have a newer vehicle.

There’s no question about it: as vehicles have become more complex, wiring harnesses and electrical systems have also had to become more sophisticated. Even when it comes to your vehicle’s factory lighting, mundane aspects such as whether it’s equipped with daytime running lights, the number of projectors each light has, and whether or not they’re on the ECU’s CAN bus system all add up to a system that doesn’t like being spliced into, and can be exceptionally intolerant if it’s done incorrectly.

By using custom 8-pin switch adaptors when you upgrade your lights and switches though, you never have to worry about poor or faulty connections as a result of:

  • Loose or weakly soldered joints;
  • Waggling crimp connectors; or,
  • Insufficiently twisted wires bound by electrical tape.

Switch adaptors are a sure way to be able to spend more time enjoying your lights and less time wondering about the integrity of the connection.

Professionally Wired LED and HID Switches and Harnesses


8 pin switch adaptors are particularly useful for installing custom and OE-style single or dual input switches in late model Toyota, Holden, and Ford trucks and utes, and are designed to work with a range of units that include:

  • Dual button LED / HID switches;
  • Single button working or driving light switches; and,
  • 3-stage LED plug-and-play harnesses.

While your switches provide a clean, OE appearance on your dashboard, custom 8-pin car switch wiring lets you keep the wiring neat and professional looking under the dashboard. And when used with custom LED harnesses, they’re equally effective at helping to wire new, 3-mode operation installs that include:

  • Daytime positioning lights;
  • Night time positioning lights; and,
  • Driving light mode.

Plug-and-Play Capability Makes Wiring Switches Easier


Depending on whether you’re installing a single or dual input switch, the standard pin-out configuration for an 8 pin switch adaptor is going to include:

  • 1 or 2 switch inputs;
  • 1 or 2 switch outputs;
  • A 12V dash light illumination connection; and,
  • A negative earth.

With the adaptor’s straightforward plug-and-play capability, the option to use OE connection points to upgrade your switches and lights without cutting into your vehicle’s wiring or upsetting the ECU’s CAN bus has never been easier. Even if you decide to uninstall your lights and switches and move them to another vehicle, returning your vehicle to its factory condition is as simple as removing the adaptor and reattaching the OE connectors.

High-Quality Switch Adaptors Won’t Fail

High quality 8 pin switch adaptors are assembled using only 10 pole slimline DC plugs, 8-pin connectors, and OE-quality wiring that are compliant with all necessary ADRs (Australian Design Rules) and are resistant to:

  • Moisture and automotive fluids;
  • Chemicals and liquids; and,
  • Dust and high temperatures.

Make no mistake: environmental exposure is the most common cause of faulty automotive electrical connections, but that risk becomes compounded when a DIY connection is involved. The importance of how to harness adaptors are designed can’t be understated, as dirt, heat, and only a little bit of vibration will quickly take their toll on a connection where contact pressure is weak, unprotected, or poorly grounded.

With new 8-pin switch adaptors, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted DIY-related wiring problems that could occur, including:

  • Intermittent connections;
  • Persistently blown fuses; and,
  • Overheating, and melting connectors.

Reliability makes all the difference when it comes to wiring harnesses, and that’s something you’ll never have to worry about when you insist on installing only the best lights, switches, and switch adaptors.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, investing in new HID or LED lights for your vehicle, as well as installing new switches, is going to make a profound difference in your driving experience. What you would be losing in time and effort, in addition to possibly damaging your electrical system, by splicing them into your vehicle’s wiring system simply isn’t worth the risk.

By using inexpensive, high-quality 8 pin automotive switch wiring adaptors for either single or dual input switches, you can wire your lights with fault-free, factory-quality precision in minutes. And the time you’ll save on rewiring, is more time you’ll have to enjoy your lighting.