Top Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Gazebo

Let’s face it – although known for its high weather temperatures, rains and winds are not an unusual thing in our beautiful country. And while this isn’t bad at all, it could become a problem when planning to attend or hold an outdoor event. Regardless of the type of event, being protected from the elements when working outside is essential, and this is where outdoor gazebos come into play. People across Australia love these smart inventions as they can also be custom-printed, allowing users to print their own logo on them, which can help them to stand out from the crowd. But as is with making most major purchases, there are a few things to keep in mind to choose the best outdoor gazebo for your needs.


The Gazebo’s Look

One of the first things that you should take into account when shopping is the gazebo’s look. Besides being great at protecting people and products from the elements, an outdoor gazebo can also be a smart way to attract people’s attention to your stand. A quality and aesthetically appealing model can do wonders for your business when holding an event outside, which is why your best bet is choosing one that complements or matches the colour of your company’s logo. Thanks to the amazing custom-printing option, you can place the company’s logo on each part of the gazebo, making it visible from all sides.

The Gazebo’s Material

Before choosing the right type of a gazebo for your needs, you should also take into account the materials it is made from. For the ultimate peace of mind, your best bet is getting a gazebo made from a weather-resistant polyester. Besides protecting you from sudden rainfalls, this material is also scratch-resistant and durable, ideal for those planning to print their logo on it.

gazebo tent

Gazebo Type &Size

Another important consideration to take into account is the gazebos’ size. Gazebos come in different sizes and choosing the ideal one for your needs should depend on the types of events you plan to attend as well as the exhibition’s space. For instance, some types of events have strict vendor size guidelines. Generally, gazebos come in a smaller size of 1.5m x 1.5m and a big one with 4m x 8m dimensions to meet different needs and budgets.

Ease of Installation

How easy you can install a gazebo will mainly depend on its size, however, almost all gazebos require more than one person for the installation process. But when talking about the ease of installation, pop-up gazebos are the king. Also known as a ‘mini marquee’ or a ‘frame tent’, a pop-up gazebo is a collapsible shelter that can fold down to a compact and portable sized gazebo. Except for being great at a range of commercial trade shows, catering events or market stalls, these models can be used for residential purpose as well. For example, when camping or when throwing a big garden party. Since they are one of the easiest to handle, they are also the easiest to transport from one place to another as some of them can even fit in cars.

outdoor gazebo

Easy to Transport

Generally speaking, finding an outdoor gazebo that’s portable and easy to move from one place to another is also of great importance. Although this mainly depends on the type of event and the products displayed, choosing a smaller gazebo is always a good idea. This is because dealing with a larger gazebo can be quite frustrating, especially when having to move it frequently (if attending lots of events). Another benefit of smaller and portable types of gazebos is that usually, they come with a carrying case that’s big enough to store all hardware and materials.

The Gazebo’s Structure

Last but not least, taking into account the gazebo’s construction also matters. One of the most commonly used types of materials for making gazebo frames are aluminium and steel. Although pretty light (when compared to the other types of metals), aluminium is a durable type of metal that’s great for outdoor use. Some gazebo models have an adjustable height thanks to their telescopic legs. When compared to aluminium, steel is considered more sturdy and durable, but its main downside is that it is prone to rust if exposed to the elements on a regular basis. However, this problem can also be solved by choosing steel poles which are coated with an anti-rust finish.


Note: If you’re planning to attend lots of events, experts recommend choosing a tent that is easy to weight down. This is important in situations when the tent can be knocked over due to strong winds. That’s why choosing an outdoor gazebo that can be secured with weighted sandbags is a great idea.