Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Step Down Transformer

If you own appliances made for the North American market but reside in Australia, you probably need a step-down transformer to make sure the appliance runs with the voltage it’s designed to. While some 110V devices can probably run on 240V power, why risk it? Step down transformers is affordable devices that will make sure your appliances run as smoothly and safely as possible.

When buying transformers step down models, you’ll first need to determine the wattage rating you’ll need. You can figure out how much wattage rating you need by making a list of the appliances you’ll plug into the transformer at the same time, then multiply that number by 2 or 3, just to be safe. So for instance, if the total wattage of the appliances or devices goes up to 500W, you should get a transformer with 1000W-1500W capacity.transformers step down

The reason why you should always go for transformers step down models that have 2 or 3 times the wattage capacity of the actual appliances, is because some appliances experience a surge of power when initially turned on (power tools, TVs, printers). That way, you can rest assured the transformer and the appliance will run safely. Furthermore, if the quality of your power supply is questionable, you might even want to consider a surge protector.

When making the list, sort your items into two groups – electronic devices and electronic appliances. Once you’ve done that, sort them into single and dual voltage. The reason for doing this is because dual voltage appliances can work using just a plug adapter instead of a transformer. Plug adapters are cheaper, and many common personal devices can work just fine using one, including cameras, laptops, and phone chargers.

Furthermore, different countries use different types of plugs and outlets. With that said, you need to make sure you have the right adapters to plug the devices onto the transformer. As you probably know, plug adapters don’t actually convert voltage, they just allow you to go from one mechanical connection type to another.

Buying the best step down voltage transformer is a pretty straightforward task, as long as you know your wattage requirements. There are thousands of different models to choose from and all of them are packed with a different combination of features, with the most important one being surge protection. When looking through the different models, make sure the one you choose adheres to SAA, ISO9001, C-TICK and CE standards.