Toilet Brush Buying Guide: Keep Your Toilet Clean

So far, everyone has learned that hygiene has a great effect on our health. But this isn’t only said about your personal hygiene, but for your home and the spaces like the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom as well.

Speaking of bathrooms, the bacteria that can be found on the faucets, sinks, soaps and into the toilet, could seriously harm your health. This is why it’s essential to keep the bathroom clean, especially the toilet. Not only you should use different detergents to keep it clean and free of that nasty ring that usually occurs, but you should maintain the hygiene of it after every use. This is why a toilet brush is a necessity.

Sure, you might aim to create a sleek Scandi-style bathroom and a toilet brush set might disrupt that look, but there are so many cool toilet brushes, that can match well with the bathroom style.

Keep Your Toilet Always Clean


If you’re disgusted to use a public bathroom because god knows how many people used it, then you should be especially dedicated to keeping your own toilet clean at all times. This doesn’t mean you should flush after every use, but also clean it thoroughly every week, disinfect it and kill all harmful bacteria that build up.

The toilet is not a place for throwing sanitary pads, or other large waste made of cotton or nylon. A clean toilet means a safe toilet for use. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with a partner or share a bathroom with roommates, there is no excuse for a toilet that doesn’t get proper hygiene on daily basis.

Use a Holder (No Dripping)


The toilet brush is certainly not the best-looking part in the bathroom, even though today you can easily find models that look modern, sleek and are made to help you clean the toilet perfectly. Many people dislike them but these are necessary for obvious reasons. The last thing you want is to use the toilet and leave marks that someone else will see after you. It’s essential to use a holder for the brush so after you use it, it won’t drip on the floor (not only it will look nasty, but it’s also very unhygienic).

When buying a toilet brush and holder, you’ll come across two models – freestanding and wall-mounted.


The freestanding holders are very common and stand right on the side of the toilet seat. You can find quite cheap models of these brushes. The freestanding is much easier for cleaning when it comes to the brush holder since you can hold it in your hands and scrub it as much as necessary.


These holders, as the name suggests, are mounted on the wall, usually in the low part right next to the toilet seat or behind it. This is a smart way to save some floor space and actually hide the brush and keep things even more sanitary. Chose the right material for your brush if your bathroom is demanding with its style. You can find plastic brushes, but if you’re looking for something more modern looking go for stainless steel or brass. Not only these materials are durable and look great, but they are far better than plastic when it comes to cleaning and disinfection.

Why It’s Worth Switching to Silicone Brushes?


The brush itself is very important. Silicone brushes are designed to help you clean the toilet more thoroughly. These brushes fit perfectly under the upper edge of the toilet, where a regular brush isn’t able (and this is a place where a lot of nasty things ‘hide’).

A silicone brush is going to clean the toilet far better, but it also won’t drip when you are finished and want to clean it and place it back in the holder. This is because silicone repels water. Once you scrubbed the toiled, shake it and the water will easily slide off.

Also, grime and bacteria will attach to the bristles of a regular brush, but a silicone toilet brush is better because these things won’t be able to hide and you could be able to clean it well. Silicone bristles aren’t porous and the bristles are placed widely so you can much easily rinse clean it. Then there’s also the fact that it will dry fast and you won’t have to deal with mould or mildew growth.

Maintain Brush Hygiene

After using the brush, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly. Because what is the point if you place it in the holder with all the grime and bacteria on it? You can rinse it underwater, or use a special bucket for it, filled with water and suitable detergent that will kill off all the bacteria. It’s important to rinse the brush after every use and you can soak it in water (mixed with a detergent) every couple of days or on weekly basis.