Thomas Cook Jeans for Modern Cowboys and Cowgirls: How to Find the Perfect Pair?

In a world where change is one of the rare constants, especially in the realm of fashion, it’s pretty amazing when you do come across something that stands the test of time, like good old Western style. With so many trends that have come and gone over the decades, having something timeless you can rely on whenever the occasion calls for it is more than helpful.

For one, western wear offers the kind of comfort that’s already been tried and tested in a range of environments, and two, it’s got a rugged aesthetic that you can wear entirely on its own or in combination with modern pieces equally which gives you the freedom to experiment with your outfits. And, you don’t even have to splurge on getting each and every Western item that makes it to the retailers’ top tiers – a classic like a pair of jeans would help you pull it off.

You don’t have to look outside the country to find this; One of the iconic Thomas Cook jeans available in many designs, styles, washes, and sizes is enough to provide you with the chance to inject your wardrobe with some of the wild west charms without breaking your bank. This Aussie brand has everything you’re going to need as a modern-day cowboy or cowgirl, even within the collection of jeans. To be able to find your ideal model and make it, be sure to consider:

Your Size

women wearing Thomas Cook jeans

Having in mind nowadays online shopping is the norm as it gives the chance to conveniently browse through a huge selection of items within minutes (if not seconds), it’s important to know your exact measurements (e.g. width and length) to choose the perfect size. Thomas Cook has models in varying sizes which you can pick from in a jiffy when shopping online from their website or that of one of their trusted retailers, so you need to have the number of your waist, hip, crotch and inner leg measurements to make for the best buy.

The Fit

To avoid finding out the hard way that the right fit isn’t only about getting it right with the size and measurements, it’s advisable to look through the versatile options of Thomas Cook jeans and see everything they have in store when it comes to the fit. Perhaps you’re a fan of designs that snugly hug your body and show off your contours, perhaps you want the exact opposite – a more relaxed feel with a more traditional country aesthetic; whichever it is, you need to sort it out prior to clicking “add to cart” and paying.

From the ingeniously designed bootleg models and the modern and sleek slim leg and cut slim leg to the stretch moleskins, and straight leg cuts, there’s the ideal model for every cowboy and cowgirl. Be sure to also give your specific body shape some thought as this would point out what your best attributes are and which design you should choose to best show them off.

To give you an example, the hourglass-figure type already well-endowed in terms of shape could benefit from cropped-cut jeans, as opposed to boyish figures with straight-cut jeans to expose and define more of the hips and waist and add a bit of shape. Your height could also have a say in the matter, as not every fit is equally pleasing to tall and short people alike.

The Cut

This aspect isn’t just important with the fit and figure but the aesthetic of your footwear too, particularly if you plan on occasionally styling the Thomas Cook jeans Australia made with some equally eye-catching and rugged country footwear to get more of the wild west flair. Regular and straight-leg are great if that’s what works for your body figure the most, but remember that you’re going to have to do some rolling up and down every time you want to wear them with the boots.

This is different when you’re wearing a bootcut design – one, as the name implies, created to be worn with this kind of footwear. Think of them as the “milk and cookies” kind of pair, one can’t go without the other, that’s how great this design is with cowboy boots thanks to the flared leg element working perfectly with the boots as it provides them with the required accommodation. If your favourite pair happens to be one of a wide or relaxed fit, be prepared for some bagginess.

The Denim Colour

man wearing Thomas Cook jeans

Gone are the days when only the selected few were the standards of what was acceptable in terms of jeans washes. Whether you prefer to wear this type of bottoms with cowboy boots or not, you can practically find the Thomas Cook jeans in almost every wash you can think of, so the sky’s the limit to what you can buy and wear.

If you care about recreating some classic cowboy/cowgirl outfits, however, remember that lighter washes are perfect for daywear and dark for nighttime as well as more special or dressier occasions. Even though light-wash jeans are considered a no for country boots, it’s a retro combination you can swear by if you want to channel your inner wild side.