Taking Care For Your Scalp

Many hair problems like female hair loss, are closely related to the poor scalp care. Scalp is in some sense, the soil for your hair. Therefore, the healthier the scalp, the shinier and healthier the hair. If you care for your scalp as you do for your hair, you will not have a problem with hair growth, split ends and unruly hair. Take a look at few of our tips on how to properly care for your scalp.

female hair loss

Use The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type – It is a rule of a thumb not to shampoo your hair more than 2-3 times a week. Believe it or not, most of shampoos are number one culprit for female hair loss, therefore buying the right shampoo for your hair type is of great importance. It will help you avoid dryness and scalp itchiness. Depending on whether your hair is dry, oily, colored or normal, get the shampoo that is specially formulated for your hair type. If possible, try using organic and chemical-free shampoos to ensure perfect health and try to regularly massage the scalp for few minutes in order to stimulate blood circulation.

Fish Oil – If you have been struggling with dry scalp and even psoriasis, try fish oil since it contains omega 3 fatty acids that help fight any type of inflammation in your body. Take one pill every morning and you will see results in a s little as one week. Fish oil supplements are also recommended if having female hair loss problem. Combine it with the hair loss treatment and you will soon notice positive results.

Coconut Oil – Another natural hair loss treatment that help prevent female hair loss and nourishes scalp is coconut oil. Coconut oil has been known for centuries for its beneficial characteristics not just for hair and scalp, but overall health as well. It is good for fighting infection, kills hunger, improve cholesterol, boost brain functions, etc. The best way to boost scalp health and hair growth is to use organic coconut oil. Store some in a spray bottle and mix with a little bit of water and spray it on your hair, leaving it on through the night. You can also apply it directly on the scalp and rub it for few minutes. The outcome will leave you amazed.

Healthy Body – Free your body from all the toxins and unhealthy food that cause dry scalp and hair loss. Even though it seems impossible, food can influence female hair loss. If you do not eat healthy nor exercise regularly, regardless of the hair loss treatment, you will not see any results. Therefore, avoid junk food and increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and protein-rich foods that will not only improve your body health, but stimulate hair growth and leave your scalp healthy and your hair thick and sleek.

Get Your Hair Dyed By A Professional Stylist – Whether you like to change your color or you want to cover gray hair, dyeing your hair on your own is big mistake. Female hair loss is mostly caused by frequent dyeing without proper guidance. In order to prevent your scalp from getting red and itchy, get your hair colored by a qualified professional stylist that knows what goes best with your type of hair. If you still prefer to do it on your own, at least do a skin patch test before using the product, just to make sure no redness shows up.