Supplements For Energy Boost: What They Are and Why to Take Them

It doesn’t matter what your daily routine is, weather you go to work and after that hit the gym or run, we can all use a bit of extra energy. Coffee is great for temporary alertness, but it actually encourages fatigue once you start your physical or mental workout. Taking supplements for energy boost can prove to be quite beneficial in keeping you awake and alert. But, their benefits don’t just stop there, they also help with your health, appearance and overall stamina and energy.

Energy supplements are usually made out of a combination of herbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals. This allows them to not only help increase physical energy, but also create it by producing B vitamins (which aid the processing of food for producing energy).


The Benefits of Taking Energy Supplements

Supplements contain compounds the body needs, so it is never a bad idea to consume them, when done appropriately. Overdosing can lead to vomiting, cramps and headaches, so make sure you always follow the instructions on the container.

  • Healthier Energy Source – As mentioned above, caffeine and energy drinks are not the best source of energy for workouts. They give a temporary boost that quickly fades and can lead to unpleasant crashes. They are also packed with sugar and artificial sweeteners that can be a real downside to a healthy diet. Supplements for energy boost can be a natural, healthier and more efficient source of sustainable energy.
  • A Nutritious Add-on to Your Diet – Energy supplements are filled with minerals and vitamins that you might not be getting in your everyday diet. We all live busy lives, more or less, and preparing meals that abound in everything necessary is a challenge, especially on a daily basis, so by supplementing, we get a quick access to these valuable nutrients.
  • Natural Stress Reliever – There is a special compound that can be found in energy supplements called pantothenic acid. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, both associated with tiredness and fatigue.
  • Overall Health Booster – Supplements that boost energy also contain a lot of different compounds that can boost your overall health. They contain elements such as folic acid (which can prevent cancerous cell formation by reducing changes in your DNA), niacin (which helps maintain lower cholesterol levels), thiamine (which supports the health of muscles, nerves and heart) and many more.

When Should You Take Energy Supplements – Pre, Post or During Your Workout?

This primarily depends on your workout style. There is no right or wrong way, because nutrition is required during both phases – before and after your workout. But if you have a tight schedule or cannot eat a few hours prior to your workout, it is always better to drink supplements for energy boost, than to exercise on an empty stomach. If you exercise whilst hungry, your workout won’t be as effective and as long.

After your workout, the muscles need to regenerate and all your protein is used up. Supplements for energy boost can help repair your muscles and get your body ready for tomorrow’s workout. This is essential for achieving your goals and having a healthy, well-toned body.

It is not advised to take supplements during your workout, because it can slow down your momentum and make you feel uncomfortable. It is best to take your meals and supplements before and after workout to ensure you reap the benefits in the most effective way.