Ruinart – The Champagne to Highlight

Champagne is traditionally considered an occasional type of wine, more commonly used to celebrate or mark some kind of special occasion. Some people may disagree and consider champagne to be fit for any occasion you like, even if that occasion is sitting at home and relaxing. Nothing really feels quite as glamorous as popping open a bottle and enjoying your evening. Now before you get stuck on the topic of when to open a bottle of champagne, there is one thing you should absolutely be sure about and that is to make that champagne a bottle of Ruinart rose.


For a long time, this champagne was not available everywhere and only in recent years has become available in the US and Australia, but the Ruinart name has been around for a long time. Ruinart holds the title of being the oldest champagne house and it was founded in 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle was Dom Thierry Ruinart who was a friend of Benedictine monk Dom Perignon. So that would explain the sheer quality and timelessness of this champagne.

Ruinart rose is a blend of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. Each part that makes up this champagne comes from a different area which is something that makes this champagne basically impossible to replicate. Also, the grapes are all hand picked ensuring the best quality and the best grapes are used. The Premiers Crus come from 20 to 25% wines reserved from the 2 previous years. 45% of the chardonnay is from Montagne de Reims and the Cote des Blancs vineyards and 55% of the Pinot Noir is from Montage de Reims and the Vallee de la Marne vineyards. This champagne undergoes a full malolactic fermentation and is fermented in temperature-regulated stainless steel fermenters. The red wine has a short maceration and undergoes a light extraction.

The colour is a light pink with a tinge of orange, it also has a slight foam. Scent wise, the first thing you will smell is definitely some tropical fruits like lychee and guava, some berries like raspberry, cherry, and strawberry. The next notes are a bit more of an undertone which include rose and pomegranate which complete the whole overlook of the scent. Now for the taste, it is very distinct and the taste matches that of the berry aromas. It is fresh and still refined with hints of mint and pink grapefruit.


I am delighted to say this champagne is something you can easily enjoy with every stage of your meal if paired correctly. For starters or appetizers, you should choose some prosciutto or salmon. For the main course lamb or veal is a great choice of protein. Dessert should be some berries with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar to really bring out those notes. If considering buying a nice bottle of champagne, consider the Ruinart rose, it is sure to become your next favourite.