Role Play Ideas for Men: How to Fulfil Her Greatest Sexual Fantasies

Does your girl go out of her way to and bring some novelty to your sex life by dressing up as a sexy nurse or a teacher? Great for you! But, don’t you think you should return the favour? After all, women have rich sexual fantasies of their own too. So, whether your partner fantasizes about getting a spanking from her old college professor, being kidnapped by a pirate, or being rescued from a burning fire by a brave fireman – you can fulfill all her sexual desires through role-playing!

Playing some sexy roleplay games and taking on a new identity as a man in the bedroom might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but as a girl who’s been on the receiving end – I guarantee it’s a sure way to turn her on and your efforts will definitely be appreciated. Not to mention how it can also have a positive effect on you. Taking on a variety of roles with the help of sexy men costumes can help you step outside your personal boundaries and act in a way that you never have before. Here are some of the sexiest roles you can try to play.

The Police Officer

sexy men costumes


There are many sexy aspects of police officers. For one, there is also the tailored uniform that looks so good on them. And then there’s is the fact that police officers face all kinds of dangerous situations. Whatever it is, most women find police officers tremendously sexy. This scenario works best when she plays the offender so you can detain her using handcuffs and punish her with a spank with a rubber club every time she misbehaves. And believe me, she will!

The Repairman

You dressed as a repairman ring the bell and are greeted by your partner in clothes that are a bit too revealing. She has a leak to be fixed and you’re the only one who has the right tool for the job. You start to flirt as you rummage through your toolbox and get down to business. As you do your repairs, she casually brushes against you and leans over to give you a good look. You try to ignore her at first only to succumb to the temptation and take her right then and there. On the floor, the counter or pressed against a sink – the more unusual the place the hotter it is.

The Fireman

When it comes to sexy men costumes that women love, the fireman takes up one of the top spots. It may have something to do with firemen being a form of modern knights – coming to the rescue of damsels in distress. So, play out a scenario where you save her from a burning building by taking her into your big, strong arms. In the end, she shows you her gratitude in a special way.

The Professor

sexy men costumes

Every girl has had a huge crush on a professor at some point. There’s something undeniably sexy about eloquent, experienced, and good-looking intellectuals. So, let her live out the fantasy she had as a young student by dressing up as a professor. All you need are some eyeglasses, a tweed blazer and you’re ready to go.