Performance Meets Looks – Reasons Why POW Gloves Are the Best Choice

The thing that makes POW gloves special is that they are made for winter sports enthusiasts from winter sports enthusiasts. The founders got the idea for their design and production while they were adventuring in a ski resort. The idea was born in 1997 and the first pairs of gloves were designed and created by 2002. Back in the day, they started selling them from the back of their car to other resort goers. Nowadays, however, POW gloves are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. The brand is synonymous with quality, durability, and comfort. Personally, my favorite piece of winter sports equipment is my POW Royal gloves and here are some of the reasons why.


POW Royal gloves are made from Gore-Tex, which is a widely known quality and breathable fabric. But how exactly does breathability come into play here? Well, when you are physically active, your body secretes sweat in order to regulate your temperature. This sweat then needs to evaporate, otherwise, the moisture will stick to your skin. Being sweaty for a long period of time is definitely not recommended as this will make your pores clogged, which can result in a breakout. The smell can linger, which is why you want a breathable fabric that won’t trap it inside the gloves. As a plus, the lining of the POW gloves is moisture-wicking. Fabrics with this feature attract the moisture to the surface, where it evaporates.


The reasons you need waterproof gloves for winter sports involving snow are pretty obvious. And when looking for winter equipment you’ll notice that there are certain words commonly used to describe them, such as waterproof, water-resistant, water repellent and similar. But is there even a difference between them? Of course, there is, and your best bet is looking for waterproof gloves. The Gore-Tex fabric features pores which are smaller than a drop of water! This means that water can’t get through this fabric.

Water-resistant fabrics are not considered to be 100% waterproof. These are good enough for light showers and drizzles, but they won’t offer full protection when in contact with snow and rain. And lastly, both waterproof and water-resistant fabrics can be water repellant. If a fabric is water repellent it means that those rain droplets won’t easily penetrate it and reach your skin. POW Royal gloves are waterproof and water repellent at the same time – perfect for wet weather conditions.


The cuffs are lined with fur which is known for its insulating properties. The fur traps air in and keeps your body heat. There is a reason why fur and leather are commonly used for winter clothes. And what makes these gloves even warmer? Well, besides Gore-Tex, the reason PIOW Royal gloves are so warm is that they are made from Thinsulate. This is a synthetic fabric which has insulation properties. Much like fur, Thinsulate traps air and heat produced by your body. Keep in mind that it only traps air and not moisture. This makes it both breathable and warm at the same time.


When it’s cold outside, fast and strong winds make our bodies even colder due to the rapid movement of air. What makes Gore-Tex windproof is that this fabric doesn’t allow the cold air to penetrate the fabric and reach your skin. Thanks to this amazing feature, the POW gloves have all the bases covered when it comes to keeping you warm and cozy.


Another reason why Thinsulate is great for outdoor clothing and accessories is that it is a lightweight fabric. Another lightweight fabric used for the production of these gloves is micro-fleece. This is a synthetic fabric with moisture-wicking and insulating properties, adding to the warmth that POW Royal gloves offer. Micro-fleece is also soft, comfortable and thin. And the best thing about it is that the flexibility of the fabric does not restrict your hands’ movement in any way.


There is a reason why leather is used in the production of all sorts of products, such as belts, handbags, shoes, gloves, jackets, wallets, key chains, bracelets and similar. Leather products will last you for years to come. Besides being strong and durable, leather is also breathable and molds to the shape of your body.

Plus, the rest of the materials used in the production of POW gloves (Thinsulate, Gore-Tex, polyester micro-fleece) are also durable.


Fashion and style shouldn’t come before quality when buying sports equipment. They shouldn’t be a deciding factor, but more of an extra. However, if you find a model that has the best of both worlds, then, by all means, go for it. No one likes to look like they’re going boxing when adventuring up on the slopes, so yes, style is also an important thing to keep in mind. In my opinion, leather always looks elegant and sophisticated – even in a sporty environment.