Polo Shirts: A Trend As Temporary As Ever

polo shirt embroidered

In a world full of trends, there are few we can call everlasting. Though the fashion industry always evolving, there are some trends that can’t be changed, and we like them just the way they are, time and time again.

I know you’re trying to think of or already have some in mind reading this, but the trend I have in mind is the polo shirt. Despite the long history, with the beginnings in 1870s India when polo players needed a more comfortable alternative to the long-sleeved classic shirt, and RenĂ© Lacoste’s 1926 appearance with his own polo shirt design at the US open, these shirts are as temporary as ever. This alone should tell you how stylish they are! Instead of having their effect in fashion diminish, they’ve become the staples so much so they’re even used as part of uniforms, as they have that business-casual look. And this doesn’t go just for men but women too, meaning there are plenty of options of embroidered work polo shirts for everyone’s taste and needs.

parker polo shirt

They are cost-efficient, time-saving, what more can you need? One can never have too many embroidered work polo shirts in the wardrobe, and you can be sure of quality when the shirts you have are made of premium brushed 100% cotton. Along with the synonymous stylish collar, you can find them long sleeved or short sleeved, with long body length. It’s advisable to get at least one of each, having in mind long sleeved can be worn on more formal occasions, and well, short sleeved are perfect to be worn daily. You also have the option to choose between buttoned one and one without buttons. Want something more retro? Go for the knitted polo shirt.

Moreover, whether you’re going to a formal event, or something casual, these are the shirts you can count on for a quick outfit as they go well with many clothing pieces as well as shoes. It’s not surprising light travellers and minimalists alike adore these shirts! When you have a polo shirt you wouldn’t have to worry about needing other shirts, you can come up with combinations of your own, wearing it with jeans, a hoodie, and sneakers when out on a casual stroll. Pairing it with boots, you get a more stylish look, and when adding the formal trousers and a jacket to the equation you get the serious professional look. Want some more comfort in summer? The polo shirt goes well with shorts too! Now you understand why it’s an everlasting trend.