Plus Size and Over 50: Clothing Secrets to Being Stylish

Even though we’ve lost it somewhere down the line of what’s considered beautiful, with the focus being on 20-something fit and youthful standards, women come in all ages, shapes and sizes and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Luckily, things have started to shift in the right direction as of late, so the attention isn’t only on youthfulness and fitness. A woman in her 50s, 60s, or older, who is plus size, can still be stylish and beautiful and with the help of the ideal set of outfits and clothing pieces, she can show it off.

Remember, whatever you wear should be something flattering, neither too tight, nor too loose, but something that’s right for your shape, covering up some saggy bits or a muffin top, for example, yet still showing off the figure.

plus size dresses for older women

The variety of plus size dresses for older women is vast in terms of style, fabrics and patterns, so you have no excuse not to fill up your closet with them. Dresses are perfect for any occasion because they are feminine, and having the dress that’s going to fit your silhouette without revealing too much is sure to give you a sensual outcome, rather than sexy in a tacky way.

Another benefit of plus size dresses for older women is the fact they elegantly cover up everything that has to be covered, like v-neck and maxi dresses, while at the same time help define the waistline like the overlap and bounce type do. Choose to wear them and you’d feel great in your own skin, as they teach you to embrace your curves.

When you know your shape and aren’t afraid to show it, you can accentuate your best features and along with the right dresses some skirts can do the same too, as in the example of pencil skirts as long as they’re not above the knees, though. They go well with shirts and even sleeveless tops as long as you combine them with the right jacket.

A timeless jacket is the cropped one because it’s perfect for coverage yet still enhances your shape as it’s narrow at the waist. When it comes to comfort, nothing speaks more of it than tunics. As old as they are in the world of fashion, they are unlikely to go out of style exactly because of this.

They go well with jeans as much as they do with leggings because of hiding the troublesome areas, so you have no excuse not to wear leggings either as long as you pair them with a fun tunic. This is also proof that wearing something your age doesn’t have to be applied always.