Outdoor Wicker Furniture: The Summer Classic

If you have a large yard or patio, entertaining outside is the best way to accommodate people during summertime. As long as you find the perfect outdoor wicker furniture Australia brand and purchase the appropriate seating, your problem for lunch gatherings, partying and relaxing is solved.

Wicker furniture is designed in a style that provides both comfort and class. It is considered classic but it ranks great on the market and is in a competition with today’s trendy furniture. These sets will easily transform your outdoor space into a little piece of paradise.



Outdoor wicker furniture Australia manufacturers produce different styles of wicker furniture which can match your preferred ambient and outdoor landscape. Wicker furniture is very comfortable and you can adjust your seating to your needs with thick heavy cushions while mixing different colours to make your patio more vivid. Furthermore, you can put glass to protect the table top and use it as a dining or a coffee table.

Resin Wicker

This type of wicker looks very much like the traditional one, but it is more durable. Resin wicker is an excellent option for outdoor furniture because it is made from synthetic polyethylene resin fiber that can handle changeable weather better than natural wicker. It is resistant to heat, cold and damp conditions and it is very easy to maintain.

Some of the most popular wicker outdoor furniture pieces are:

  • Wicker Deep Seating Chairs
  • Wicker Arm Chairs and Coffee Tables
  • Wicker Lounge Chairs
  • Wicker Outdoor Sun-bed Lounges

An interesting fact which speaks to the popularity and functionality of wicker furniture is that it is not only used outdoors. Many people choose wicker furniture to decorate business establishments like cafe’s, hotels and resorts. The right outdoor wicker furniture Australia brand purchase can help you turn your unused area into an absolutely functional space. Another reason why wicker is so much liked is because it is inexpensive. As a result of its accessibility and processed materials, you can find quality wicker furniture sets that include sofas and tables at very affordable prices.

Outdoor wicker furniture Australia shops and online sites offer a wide range of colours, designs and styles which makes it easier for you to choose the ones that fit both your budget and style. Before purchasing, visualize how the furniture will look on your patio; make sure it matches the overall environment and location.