Outdoor Table Settings to Feast Your Eyes On

Having a nice outdoor table to eat on can bring family time outside. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and breathe in the fresh air, especially in summer – instead of eating in a hot room why not move things outside. It also provides seating for any get together or barbecues you want to host. The one thing that brings this whole setting all together is of course how you set your table for your outdoor furniture settings.

Outdoor Furniture Settings

A beautiful table display always brings a hint of glamour to any setting and is a great way to impress your friends and family. First you have to make sure that you have outdoor furniture settings that you like, then you can go ahead and plan out the rest. For better deals, shop online – you can compare prices of different retailers and furniture brands and have the furniture delivered to your front door.

1. Choosing A Theme

You need to focus more on an outdoor theme to really make the setting feel like it’s in the right place. Your theme should include nature like fruit, flowers, grass, hay, sand, seashells and so on. We will list a few popular themes that are used for outdoor settings or you can browse magazines to find inspiration and come up with your own.

  • Country Living – You can use hay bales as seats or decorations, maybe some bandanas as napkins or as a place mat, and if you really want to go all out, have a cowboy hat as the centrepiece.
  • Outdoor Elegance – Pick some of your favourite white flowers as a centrepiece for your table and have fern runners going off the table for an old but timeless look.
  • Summertime – Summer is a great time to incorporate all things yellow and citrus. Yellow lemons and sunflowers should be incorporated into your centrepiece and place settings to give a fresh look.
  • At The Beach – You can use buckets of sand, sand toys, and seashells to decorate the table. This is a great way to feel like you’re at the beach at home.

2. Start Basic

You want to start with some neutral colours and work your way up from there. Think along the lines of white, cream, and tan. These are great basic colours for all outdoor furniture settings that you can easily adjust throughout the year. An important thing you want to remember is to invest in high quality tablecloths and fabric napkins that you can wash and reuse. Buying few different designs will make it easier to come up with themes.

3. Runner

No outdoor table would be complete without a runner that compliments your theme. Remember, you don’t need to choose a traditional runner; feel free to think outside the box. You can create a stunning runner using anything from leaves, flower petals, seashells, paper, your imagination is the key.

4. Placemat

The placemat is another important part of a table setting; depending on your theme you should choose one accordingly. This goes between the place setting and the table. You can also get creative when it comes to the placemat. It doesn’t have to be traditional just like the runner, use your imagination and come up with something that will wow your guests.

5. Plates and Cups

Whatever you do, please do not choose disposable plates and cups, they are flimsy and are bad for the environment, not to mention cheap looking. Choosing disposable plates can instantly ruin an elegant setting you’ve worked so hard for. Instead, if you want to avoid glass, you can pick up some great hard plastic plates that are durable and are great for the outdoors.

6. Centrepiece

Every outdoor setting should have a centrepiece and depending on how big your table is, don’t feel limited to just one. The most basic and visually stunning way of creating your own centrepiece, is to pick some glass vases and fill them with things that match your theme like sand, flowers, fruit, candy, rocks, the choice is yours.

7. Final Touches

These are probably the most important things you need to remember. Make sure you have a plate, glass, and utensils for every guest that is intended to come. You want several pitchers of water available, maybe have some variation of something else like lemonade or cocktails for a grown-up party. Make sure there is sufficient lighting if it’s dark out so that everyone can see each other and their meals properly.