Outdoor Living Spaces: Steps to the Ultimate Outdoor Living Room

When HGTV started showing the world the immense creativity people have when it comes to designing their outdoor lounge areas, every existing standard about what was considered a good outdoor design was instantly raised; suddenly in various corners of the world little pieces of lounge heaven started to emerge.

Nowadays, owning a lounge seating set and simply place it in your backyard is just not enough. The goal is to create a lounge area that looks and makes you feel like you are sitting in your perfectly designed living room. This means a lot of cool outdoor lounge pieces that will contribute towards that perfect lounge area with a dose of warmth, coziness and comfort.

Think that’s hard to achieve, or that it costs a lot? There’s a vast offer from both online and offline retailers of amazing outdoor lounge sets like wicker lounge chairs and tables, seating sets, the very popular Acapulco lounge chair that instantly gives a tone of modernism to your area, and even those cute hanging chairs that are simply a-must for your patio. And the best thing about all of them is that you can easily be creative and change their appearance as you want them to be: change their cushions or colour. It can be really hard to make your pick when you have such wide choices so, to make things easier, make sure to concentrate on the following things things.

1. Rugs

As weird and unacceptable as it may sound for some of you, rugs for your outdoor lounge area are becoming a huge trend. They simply add that much needed dose of warmth to a place, and not to mention how much we all enjoy having that soft touch while walking bare foot. A few things to remember when choosing your rug:

  • Choose a mono-coloured one if your seating sofas and chairs have cushions in coloured patterns. You can’t have both seating and rug in colourful pattern. It is an interior design crime.
  • Mind the size of the rug; you don’t need anything too big, just provide enough covered space under the sofas to provide your feet with that soft touch and warmth.
  • Make sure it’s a water resistant rug. These rugs are easy to maintain and can’t get damaged by outer influences like rain or too much sun.

2. Furniture

And now, the fun part of designing your outdoor lounge area. You can choose from the many various materials and designs for your outdoor seating set: sofas with cushions, chairs made of wicker or metal decorated with soft cushions for sitting, or hanging pieces of furniture that really change the vision of a simple outdoor area. Here’s a great tip: if your outdoor area is more meant for relaxation and chilling, go with sofas and a small table; if you want a place to host dinners and gatherings in a more formal area, get a set of chairs and a large dining table. Whatever you choose, I wouldn’t recommend metal furniture pieces – they look so cold. And don’t forget the colour; the outdoor lounge area should emit calmness, so choose fresh and bright nuances, like those on the picture below for example.

Outdoor lounge

3. Accessories

Just like clothes, no good furniture can fully shine in all of its splendour without accessories. Keep it simple with garnish; the point is not to create a mess in your backyard. You can use drapes if you want to separate the lounge area from the rest of the backyard. Make sure they are either white or beige for both width and light purposes. You can also use decorative candles, flower arrangements in decorative pots and even some small sculptures.

4. Lighting

Is there something better than spending long, hot summer nights outside? Of course not. And you most certainly can’t do that in complete dark. That and the fact that everything looks better under good light, makes lighting more than important. Chandeliers, candelabras, candle holders with a lot of candles scattered around the space which you can make yourself, are all acceptable options. You need soft light for the outdoor area, not something strong like the fluorescent lamps you use for the indoors. Also, make sure you include a fireplace in the outdoor lounge area. A fireplace provides light and warmth at the same time, creating the perfect ambiance for enjoying your outdoor space on chilly nights.

Candle holders