Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter Wooden Toy: How It Helps With Children’s Skill Development


There’s no doubt about it, kids need play, every day. It’s no surprise almost every child prefers playtime over nap time, taking all the fun into consideration. However, it’s not just fun play brings about: it’s important to remember it has a crucial role in the proper development of a child’s skills.

As parents, what we can do is to motivate them to play more, and what better way to do so than by acquiring the right toys. One such example is the Noah’s ark shape sorter wooden toy, a set of wooden animals, and rocking ark, all in bright colours. Apart from the stacking of all the animals on the ark, trying to find the right shape, and balance them (which could end in a tumble), children can also try to match the animals, making pairs.

The fun side aside, Noah’s ark shape sorter wooden toy helps with children’s agility, the development of the hand-eye coordination, and is great as individual play as much as it is for interaction, with a group of children, parents, or relatives, so it can also find its role in the development of social skills, and as a result, expanding of the vocabulary, learning different words, like the types of animals, their colours, shapes, and sizes.

All in all, it’s about the development of the whole scope of reasoning skills, starting from the very base of organization skills. This toy in particular, or should I say the wooden toys in general, are perfect because they can be used for play with kids of all ages, as they have their way with motivating imaginative play. You’d have fun seeing the many ways children find to reuse the toys, creating different types of play with them.


The options of this toy are many as well, ranging in the number of pieces, openings, features, and the materials they are made of, all non-toxic of course, easy to clean, safe to play with, and durable, so there’s fun guaranteed for parents too with choosing them. Besides, there’s plenty to learn from this specific toy given that there’s the story of the flood, Noah and his family building the ark, and how they got to live in it with pairs of animals.

It’s needless to say toys are important now more than ever when technology has started taking the central part in our lifestyles, that not even children are immune to. Playing with toys is essential for them, as much it is for us as parents, and the time we can use to bond with our children playing with them.