Must-Have Car Accessories For Phone

It’s the 21st century and it’s the digital era. And as much as we don’t want to rely that much on our smartphones we simply can’t avoid them as they control such a huge part of our lives. And since they’re like the personal assistant we all so desire but don’t have, having them on disposal even when we drive is no more a luxury but a necessity which makes owning car accessories for phone a priority for many people.

Yes, technology has advanced with the speed of light and this category named car accessories for phone has now one rich product palette including all types and designs of chargers and phone holders for almost any corner in your car. Don’t panic, you don’t need to own all of them, you need just a few must-haves to make your car phoning experience safe, easy and smooth.

A 5-Port USB Car Charging Hub

car accessories for phone 1

A USB car phone charger with just one port is no longer useful, because nowadays not just the driver, but the other people in the car as well have the need to be available on the phone all the time. Just imagine what would happen if you go on a long road trip with four friends and two of them run out of battery in the middle of a 5 hour driving trip. Yup, fun ruined. So, be prepared and get one of the best car accessories for phone – a 5-port USB car charging hub. The Anker PowerDrive 5 (50W / 10A) is a quite good option: it’s powerful, safe and a proven product with more than 10 million users among which me as well.

A Universal Car Mount

car accessories for phone 2

The moment of truth: the car phone holder for hands-free and easy talks on the phone while driving. The main problem with phone holders is that the cup doesn’t always act as the best support and reacts to bumps on the road which often results in phone scratches or fall – outs. However, the iOttie Easy One Touch ‘s cup is designed to fit the window and doesn’t react to any bumps on the road. The surface is grippy, thus it doesn’t allow the suction system of the cup to activate but it holds the phone in place for quite some time. Additionally, there is a telescoping arm that allows for the mount to be installed in a place that’s suitable for you and doesn’t disturb your driving. You just need to adjust the length of the arm to your needs.