Like Dandelion Dust – A Movie Adaptation Of Karen Kingsbury’s Bestseller

The beginning scenes of the movie drama Like Dandelion Dust shows the lives of two different families. Molly and Jack Campbell enjoy their good, rich life with their son Joey. On the other hand, Wendy and Rip somehow manage to make ends meet in Ohio. Rip has just finished 7-year sentence because of abusing his wife under the influence of alcohol, and now they’re fighting together to start a new life. The lives of the Porters and the Campbells would have never met if it wasn’t for one life-changing fact – the Porters are the biological parents of Campbell’s adopted son Joey. When Rip learns the truth about Joey, he wants his son back. And just because his signature on the original papers for adoption was forged, he may get what he wants.

Under stress and struggling to keep their son Joey, Rip and Wendy’s marriage begins to fall apart. The story is remarkably evenhanded where the lives of two different families are presented through a remarkably nuanced lens. Even though viewers hope Joey stays with the only family he knows, the love of his biological parents is heart-breaking and undeniable. Like Dandelion Dust movie was produced by Downes Brothers Entertainment, A Christian production company.


Rip is capable of performing both violence and great goodness, and never becomes a simple villain. Mira Sorvino (Wendy) is the soul and the heart of the film. Her picture of a woman both courageous and fragile is riveting. Although Maxwell Perry Cotton appears younger than his character, he still does great job in playing the role of Joey in the best possible way. As Kate Levering (Molly) and Cole Hauser (Jack) give their characters complexity and dimension.


Fans looking for evangelical themes may be surprised by how elements about faith appear in the movie. Viewers understand that Joey’s aunt Beth and her husband are Christians, because of the part where they ask Molly to consider taking Joey to church. The deficiency of Christian material doesn’t mean that Like Dandelion Dust is empty of redemptive themes. The movie teaches us to keep looking for hope even in the most difficult circumstances. Most of all, this movie explores in powerful and captivating way the truth that the ultimate expression of love is sacrifice.