Ladies Hobo Handbags: Why I Love Them!

Ever felt like you just don’t know what to do with your arms when standing, so you fear ending up looking like a weirdo? Some questions come to mind: Should you leave them on the sides?

Should you cross them? Perhaps it’s best you put them in your pockets (if you’re lucky to be wearing clothing with pockets)? How about holding them together behind your back? Maybe striking up a superhero pose Grey’s Anatomy style would do?

I know, too many questions, but if you’re an awkward person like me, questions like these pop up in your mind far too often when posing for a photo or chatting with someone. Translation: I’ve tried all of the poses mentioned and still felt awkward.

Thankfully, I’ve figured securing a prop like the functional and stylish handbag is more than welcome, so I’ve become quite the fan of handbags and make sure I never leave home without one. My personal favourites are the ladies hobo handbags and they happen to be a trend that doesn’t go out of style. They’re a classic fashion staple!

Obviously, they keep me safe from situations of not knowing what to do with my hands, but other than that they’re big enough providing plenty of space for all my essentials (even when the bag is smaller), and they’re available in a variety of materials and prints, so there’s the hobo bag for every season, style, and event you need – that’s exactly what I love about them.

For instance, when I go to the beach, I carry my crochet hobo, as opposed to the bali hobo I use when I’m catching up with friends in caf├ęs. I have some hobo bags with removable straps allowing for more styling options in terms of how to wear them; besides being worn over the shoulder they can turn into crossbody bags in an instant.

Even if I didn’t have many options of ladies hobo handbags to choose from, I’d still be amazed by their versatility and how well they go with different outfits; they are the accessories that can make any outfit pop effortlessly.

Another aspect that’s characteristic about them is the way they sag or slouch when you wear them over the shoulder. They’re the type of bag that speaks fun and wearing them makes me feel like I’m a fun and carefree person too. Who would have said hobos and their stick bindles would serve as inspiration for the fashion industry, right?