Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is know as one of the leading Bible teachers in the world as well as the author of several bestsellers. Her Christian books have helped many people find restoration, peace and hope through Jesus Christ. Through her Joyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches people around the world about different themes with a significant focus on the mouth, mind, attitudes and mood. She speaks with a doze of humor, telling her audience her own thoughts about some stereotypical behavior.

This leading practical teacher is the author of many books which are translated into hundred different languages. Also, more than 12 million books have been delivered for free all around the world. Joyce Meyer organizes several international and domestic conferences every year, where she teaches others to enjoy their everyday lives. For 30 years, her annual conferences for women attracted over 200 000 women worldwide. She also hosts a radio and TV program, Enjoying Everyday Life.


Hand Of Hope – The passion of Joyce Meyer to help people is based on the vision of Hand of Hope, the mission of Joyce Meyer Ministries. This vision outreaches to people all over the world, including building homes for orphans, medical care, programs for fighting human trafficking and feeding programs. In St. Louis, her hometown, Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave in 2000 established the St. Louis Dream Center. This center serves the city through special programs and reaches those who suffer with the love of Christ.

Sharing Her Story To Help Others – Over the years, Joyce Meyer shared the life changing message of the Gospel and her testimony. Having suffered sexual abuse, as well as dealing with the battle of her everyday life, Joyce Meyer found the freedom to live successfully by applying the Word of God to her life and the life of others.

Criticism of Joyce Meyer Ministries – Joyce Meyer has been criticized for enjoying a very expensive and luxury lifestyle. She dismissed these claims by saying that she does not feel the need to define herself to others and that she does not need to apologize for ‘being blessed’. It is stated that Joyce Meyer has bought several homes and that the church pays for all the landscaping, utilities and maintenance of the properties. Joyce Meyer lives in a home that costs around $2 million. The property includes private golf course, swimming pool, pool house, big fountain and air conditioned garage.