Innovation at Its Best: Top 3 Ergonomically Designed Laptop Stands

Once the most thoughtful, beneficial and innovative ideas become the norm, we can say that we are looking at a better future for this world. Luckily, there are manufacturers that see the cracks of this modern world and try to fill them in the best ways they can. One of the most urgent needs include the laptop stand – designed in a way that till target the needs of the user exactly as it should. Well, the future is here and now we can even discuss, rate, choose and enjoy the benefits of laptop stands that position this essential tech tool as to prevent back and neck pain. Below is a top three list meant to help narrow down your choices and instantly direct you toward the best stands for your laptop:laptop_stand

Ergo-Q330 Polymer Portable Laptop Station

This sleek and mobile ergonomic workstation is designed to fit any laptop case with ease. Its specifications justify why we decided to regard it as the best laptop stand, but also because the list of satisfied users is only set to rise. Due to the fact that it features 6 angle setting – 20° to 40°,the eye level is simply perfect and it reduces the stress felt in the neck and back area. Bending and twisting are not damaging movements, it is OK to move around while working, but once these become the only repetitive movements one does for eight hours, the discomfort may turn in chronic pain. This stand also features a convenient in-line document holder.

Rain Design mStand

Although initially meant for Macbook laptops, this stand can fit any laptop model without a problem. Simplicity might be its best feature, but it also comprises other virtues such as an adjustable base to let you swivel as much as you need to. Another convenience is that it comes with the option to be used both with external keyboard and monitor and a desk set up for standing.

Cooler Master NotePal U2

As the name itself implies, this laptop stand is designed to keep the heat away from your laptop. It comes with the option of mounting multiple fans, but even without them, its mesh material will keep your laptop a lot cooler. The stand also transforms into a protective case that can keep your laptop safe when travelling.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that by investing in one of these great laptop stands you are also investing in bettering your posture and with that your overall productivity.