How Warehouse Trolleys Make Product Transport Easier

We all know working in a warehouse isn’t the easiest of jobs, but there have been many improvements when it comes to the equipment we use that makes the job run a little smoother. Carrying, lifting, and moving boxes is something that warehouse workers have been doing a long time. There have been workers who have always needed to transport goods from ship bays to warehouses for centuries. So naturally like everything else we know, the trolleys we use to transport, have evolved and improved quite a bit. Today, heavy duty trolley models come in all different shapes, sizes and designs, all based to meet your needs and your workplaces needs.

Trolleys really are the most practical way to transport any heavy loads, but there are more benefits that you surely haven’t thought about like the fact that they increase efficiency in the workplace. They make such a big difference in the ability to locate, load and transport items which prevents any kind of jam or delay at loading bays. Another benefit that most people don’t think about, is how trolleys can also reduce your operational costs. When things get moved faster in the workplace, the overall costs of operations are reduced. When you factor in all the things like the time it takes to finish everything, from the efficiency level staff work at, this is all where trolleys play a key role in reducing costs. It also can help prevent workplace injuries – by having trolleys in the workplace you can reduce muscle stress caused by lifting and moving which are the number one cause for injury.


Let’s go over a few different types of trolleys that you might find useful if you do not already have them in your workplace. The first one is a hand trolley. They have two wheels, a strong back, and a solid base. You stack boxes or whatever materials on, then you tilt the back slightly toward yourself and then you can push it anywhere. These are mostly recommended for not so heavy loads that only need to go a short distance. Some newer models are considered more of a heavy duty trolley and can even be folded flat and support a great amount of weight.

The second kind of common warehouse trolley is the platform trolley. Some might even argue that this is the most conventional trolley used in warehouses today. It is constructed of a flat platform which is mounted on top of a four-wheel chassis and it can either have a handle at one end or sometimes even at both ends. Most platform trolleys can carry up to 250kg – 500kg, depending on the make and model. They can vary a little in the way that they come in large and small sizes and can either be completely open on the sides or they can be caged in. A heavy duty trolley is usually made from steel, whereas the lighter versions are usually made from aluminium.

The third type is a cage trolley. They are pretty similar to the platform trolley as in the way they are constructed; they have a platform base with meshed walls to stop any items from falling off during transportation. So these are generally considered safer than a cage trolley. They can be used for an array of uses and you can find different shapes and models which can offer you inner rails or different shelving. Most heavy duty cage trolleys are made from steel and offer you a sturdy wheel, making it so much safer to transport, load and unload any items you may have.

Wagon trolleys are probably one of the most common types. They are great and probably your best option when your choosing to transport any kind of heavy item. It is similar to a wagon in the way the handle extends from the trolley from just one end. The wheel is also pneumatic which can provide great stability and mobility whether you’re working indoors or outdoors even while loaded with heavy objects. Some newer models can even support up to a massive 900kg.

Last but not least, the shelf trolley, and just like it says in the name, it is a warehouse trolley specifically designed with shelving. The shelving is great if you need to carry around more than one sized items or boxes. The shelves themselves usually slope a little to the back so you don’t have to worry about anything falling off during transportation and three sides of the trolley are usually surrounded with bars leaving one side open for loading and unloading. This heavy duty trolley can usually carry up to 500kg.