How to Make Your Products Look Great: Importance of Product Packaging

Packaging is just packaging, after all, it’s the inside that counts. If you have merchandise to sell and are lead by this thinking, you are setting yourself up for failure. Take it from me, an eternal sceptic who once bought a croissant just because it came in a charming, retro packaging in my favourite colour – turquoise. And I can’t really say whether the croissant was actually good because I never got to taste it, since I’m allergic to peanuts. See, a package that connects with people can sometimes be the ultimate selling point!


One benefit of packaging is that it can easily tap into people’s psyche with a simple image trick. Take cereal boxes for example. If you read the ingredients between children’s cereal and regular cereal, you won’t see much difference in mix. After all, both are the same food but packaged differently. But a children’s cereal box has a popular cartoon character on it and increases its chances of being bought by selecting one unique type of audience. Adult cereal boxes on the other hand, mostly depict the same image – a slim person in a running or jumping position, which aims to target people looking to stay fit as cereal is considered to be diet food. Therefore, with good market research on what the most vulnerable demographic is, you can tailor your product packaging to connect directly with them.

And sometimes the right choice of packaging can speak volumes about the product itself and eliminate the need of TV or internet advertising. This can be a huge advantage for start-up businesses, because it allows them to create a brand. There’s a sense of trustworthiness in a product that’s created with great care from manufacturing all the way to packaging. If the packaging is cleverly designed, it can convince you to try a product you never heard of, thinking that the what you can’t see must be as good the package itself. Moreover, in today’s world occupied by social media, with a savvy product packaging design you can get free internet points.

However, the importance of packaging extends even after the product has made a name for itself. Even Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO and the proponent of the company’s minimalist design, has put great trust in product packaging, once stating “Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.” And consider the effectiveness of Tiffany & Co’s packaging. For most people, the first thing that springs to mind is the iconic robin’s egg blue box, meaning it’s more recognizable than the jewellery itself. If they were to change the package, their popularity will be likely to suffer.

tiffany & co packaging

These are just a few examples of the importance of packaging in making a product look great. The package will be the first thing a customer see, and if you manage to get hold of his attention chances are he’ll get interested and end up buying. Therefore, showcasing your products in aesthetically appealing packaging is just as important as the product itself.