How to Choose an Awesome Area Rug for Warmth and Beauty

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to freshen up your space, I recommend you start with the rug. Replacing a rug is much cheaper than investing in a kitchen or other furniture elements while having the same refreshing effect on your interior. There are so many choices of rug designs on the market, ranging in patterns, colours, and shapes that can suit any kind of space, design, or decor.

However, when shopping for a rug there are certain features you need to consider to find the best piece for your space. Sometimes this means making a design analysis of your space, and comparing different prices before you actually decided to buy a rug.

Family laying down on a cream huge carpet

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Rug?

Pick the Right Material

There is a seemingly endless list of materials that can be used for manufacturing rugs. For instance, you can find rugs made from natural fibres such as wool, cotton, jute, sisal, or synthetic ones made from acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. Each one of these materials has its own advantages and downsides. However, rugs made from natural plant-based materials are often considered the most attractive and durable ones. For instance, the flat weave wool rug designs are crafted from a perfect blend of wool and polyester yarn and feature an ultra-soft and dense underfoot surface that makes them the perfect option for adding a touch of warmth and luxury to living room areas.

On the other hand, rugs made from synthetic fibres are usually more stain-resistant and affordable, but they may need replacement more often as these materials can become easily contaminated with mildew and bacteria from repeated spills of foods or pet accidents. Compared to them, the natural ones are much pricier and also require professional cleaning to be able to maintain their good look and quality for many years.

Cream couch with champagne pillow and blanket. Wooden blue cabinet and wooden chair with black and white cushion and in the middle of the floor there is a cream woolen carpet

Choosing the Right and Shape

Choosing an appropriate rug size that fits your room’s shape and dimensions is another major factor. To pick the right size and shape you need to measure your room size and make your purchase accordingly. Still, the choice you make comes down to your own personal preference. If you don’t want a rug that is too big you can choose a medium size design that is easier to maintain.

Bigger-sized rugs are always better for more spacious areas like living rooms and bedrooms, as these will perfectly suit the room’s size and its features. Rectangular rugs are most often used for places like kitchen and living room areas. However oval shaped rugs are also common. If you have an oval-shaped dining table you can decide to include an oval-shaped rug as well to mimic its rounded silhouette and add a sense of depth and elegance to the room.

White living room with white walls and white high windows. In the middle of the floor there is a colorful carpet in a round shape. A white armchair with a gray blanket and flowers in a white pot near the windows.

Make Sure the Design Matches the Other Aspects of Your Room

There is an exhaustive collection of rug designs to choose from. However, they generally fall into four categories: traditional, bohemian, contemporary, and natural. If you prefer the traditional look above all, you can choose designs that draw inspiration from either oriental or Persian patterns. These rugs are usually ornate in nature, featuring intricate designs and bold colours. For a contemporary feel, you should opt for models that depict abstract and geometric shapes and forms. They are best suited for new and informal homes.

If you are into the nordic style that encompasses natural elements, and simple design you can opt for a natural flat weave rug that features a striking diamond pattern that makes for a mesmerizing statement piece for a Scandinavian or modern inspired interior. Bohemian rugs on the other hand feature a perfect union of tasteful design and multi-coloured motifs that often resemble the traditional Persian style rugs. They are made of natural fibres such as wool or synthetic material such as polypropylene. This type of rug can suit perfectly bohemian-styled rooms, adding an additional source of liveliness and colour to the already existing vibrant aesthetic.

Blue and white living room with gray walls and white high windows. In the middle of the floor is a blue and white Persian rug. Blue armchair and white brown cabinet and flowers in a brown pot near the windows.

Ease of Maintenance

Besides, choosing an appropriate design you should look for material that is easy to maintain. It’s not worth buying a rug that looks only appealing on the outside but takes lots of effort to maintain it and keep it clean. Also choosing the right colour can play a significant role in how well you maintain it. Don’t go to extremes and pick totally dark or white shades as they require more maintenance.

For high traffic areas like living and kitchen rooms, you can pick patterned designs mostly made from high-quality long-wearing synthetics. Besides, quality synthetic rugs fibres don’t trap dirt and debris, which makes them pet-friendly and easy to clean. Moreover, you should opt for low pile rugs as these have shorter fibres and loops which makes them more suitable for busy areas such as kitchens. Cotton is most frequently used to make flat-weave rugs such as dhurries and kilims. Cotton rugs make the best choice for casual rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, and kid’s rooms and require little maintenance to keep them clean.

Person clean carpet in brown, red, cream color with a special vacuum cleaner


Finally considering your budget and how much you are willing to spend is of major importance. Many factors play a determining role in how much a certain piece of rug can cost. Since different materials have different qualities, subsequently, the price will also differ. Natural plant-based materials are usually more expensive than synthetically made rugs. But if you want to get the natural look for less, you can opt for more affordable options such as a flat weave wool rug. Flatweave rugs are generally more affordable than their fluffy counterparts.

Also, the construction and the intricacy of design can play a huge role. Machine manufactured and handwoven rugs can’t be of the same price. Handcrafting rugs takes much more time and effort therefore they often fall on the more expensive spectrum.

Cream living room and champagne curtains on the windows. Cream couch with gray blanket and flowers in a pot on the window and in the corner. In the middle of a wooden floor stands a blue pattern carpet