Design Analysis: Details That Make Scandi Oh So Dandy

Can you name the first home design that pops in your mind?! Well, I’m sure that a great number of you will immediately think of the Scandi style. Although pretty old, this design took the world by storm quite recently – when Ikea stores became quite popular. Generally speaking, the style appeared on the market in the ’50s as a part of the modern movement in the Nordic design. Ever since its appearance, Scandi furniture style became extremely popular among the Northern European countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The reason for this was the fact that this style prioritised function and affordability over luxury and bulky furniture designs.


So, what are the main elements of Scandinavian style?

It’s clean lines, simple silhouettes and leggy furniture design. And although the focus is on simplicity and minimalism, functionality and aesthetic appeal are not being left behind. And since Scandinavians value nature and the time spent outdoors, designers have managed to incorporate wood tones and live plants as a part of this style. This, in fact, is the ideal way to bring the outdoors in. To make things even better, there are now minimalist self-watering planters from which you can get the best of both worlds – simplicity and functionality.

Some other key elements that make the Scandinavian style pop up are the warm and cosy accents. Since Scandinavian winters can be extremely cold, during this time of the year, Nordic interior designers recommend implementing items made of fur and knit. For instance, you can adorn any Scandi sofa or chair with a chunky knit throw blanket and stay warm while taking some rest. Faux-fur accents are also a thing , especially when placed on light wooden floors. For those of you who want to add real warmth in your home, while not ruining the whole Nordic vibe, adding a fireplace in the corner of the room is the way to go. Just like everything else, they are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, so make sure to choose one that can complement the already established style while meeting your needs.


What Makes It So Popular?

The busy type of lifestyle almost all of us lead today forces us to seek calmness and simplicity more and more in every form. And according to interior designers and psychologists, this peacefulness can start from the rooms from one’s home. They say that the uncluttered nature of this style, the simple yet elegant Scandi furniture pieces, light colours and overall brightness can truly evoke a sense of calmness in people. A thing to keep in mind is that Scandi furniture is very leggy, so if you aren’t careful with the arrangement, your whole home can look like it’s full of twigs.

Scandinavian design relies a lot on neutral colours. Bright white, ivory, and light grey are among the most commonly used ones for all types of furniture, however, pops of black and dark grey are also a common thing. Usually, these darker hues come into play in the form of accent pieces such as art prints, throw pillows, throw blankets and faux fur rugs. Some other interesting accent pieces that are used in Nordic homes are the woven storage baskets with longer handles. Usually, they are used for storing blankets, kids toys and even plants.


Although magazines and social media tend to present Scandinavian style as quite expensive, the truth is that the prices of such furniture pieces are decent and simple, just like the style itself. Since this style is all about simplicity and freedom of clutter, make sure to choose a few powerful décor pieces, like an eye-catching candle holder, or an interesting woven rug.

Now, for all those Scandinavian style lovers who wonder if this style is here to stay, the answer is yes. According to experts and designers, it seems that it has become a timeless choice. What furthermore secures its position is the prevailing rule of thumb in design in general, which is ‘less is more’, and this perfectly describes the style.