How to choose a gift for a child?


When it comes to buying gifts for children, whether it’s for a birthday, Children’s Day, Christmas, etc., everyone is faced with the problem of finding interesting and impressive presents to surprise and delight those little angels. It definitely isn’t an easy task. And one thing is for sure – price of a gift does not determine the level of happiness. Even the smallest toy can put a big smile and boost imagination in a child and contribute to hours of endless fun. Let’s travel through the world of toys and see which toys are suitable for what age.

From 0 to 1 year – In this age, kids do not know what’s dangerous and what’s not. Thus, the main criterion when choosing gifts for kids is safety. Avoid small, metal and sharp objects since babies at this age learn about the world with their fingers and mouths. Go with plush toys and always wash them before giving them to your baby. For the first months of baby’s life the most appropriate toys are the colorful objects that can be hung over a crib which emit various sounds. You can also buy
soft dolls which a child can hold, thus pay attention to the size of a toy. The babies 5 – 6 months old start to move in their cribs and soon learn to sit and crawl around the house. This is the time to choose toys such as kids roundabouts or animals on wheels.

From 1 to 3 years – The child begins to walk and talk. This is the age of great discoveries. At this age, kids are mostly interested in toys that can be driven, ridden etc. During this period, the child explores the world around him/her, which is why cubes, pretend toys such as kids wooden kitchen (especially for the girls), towers and musical instruments are perfect. Of course, stuffed animal is always welcomed and this soft toy may became child’s best friend and a sleeping buddy.

From 3 to 6 years – In this age kids want to invent and create; to express the observed and learned. Suitable gifts are musical instruments, washable markers and coloring books, non-toxic modeling clay and water play toys. Pretend toys are also perfect for a child to express the way he/she sees the world. Thus, wooden houses and all necessary accessories such as bed, kitchen sink, toilet, tiny towels, brushes, makeup, cosmetics, food etc. This is the period during which a child begins to develop own taste and is eager to show it to others.