How Can an Outdoor Kennel Change Your Dog’s Life for the Better

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, so it’s no wonder that most people who own dogs treat them like family members; from buying the best food to spoiling them with toys, snacks, and elaborate indoor and outdoor houses. Providing a dog with his very own outdoor dog house is very important as that can protect him from the elements while being the ideal place where your dog can relax and sleep after a nice outdoor walk.

outdoor dog house

Except for the traditional outdoor dog house, people also opt for dog kennels as they are quite practical and more affordable. But most importantly, dog kennels can do the same job as outdoor dog houses and that is to protect the dog from the elements and offer a resting place. Generally speaking, dog kennels are considered dog houses and they are designed for all dog types and can be made of plastic, metal or wire mesh. Using an outdoor dog house like this comes with a lot of benefits.

Enough Room

While they might seem small, dog kennels offer enough room. Just like any outdoor dog house, dog kennels also come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing dog owners to choose the best for their dog. The size you ought to choose depends on the size of the dog, however, experts recommend purchasing a bigger kennel because that way dogs can have more space for playing and sleeping. Except for that, dog kennels are also great for providing dogs with enough space for other essential things like water, food and some toys.

outdoor dog house 1

Safety and Comfort

Except for protecting them from the weather elements, dogs see their kennels as their safe place, one where they can hide from potential dangers. Today’s kennels are made to be well-ventilated which means that dogs can get enough fresh air and light while still being protected from rain, heat and wind. But most importantly, kennels are great for owners with a dog that tends to eat/chew plants and flowers.

House Training

While having a dog is great, house training (potty training in particular) can be quite difficult, especially for first time dog owners. But with the help of a kennel, this can be made easier as one of its purposes is to help dogs understand that they have their own house. With an outdoor house like this, one can more quickly train his/her dog that this is the outdoor place where it can rest, eat, play and do its business. Just like with kids, praising dogs for doing something right or correcting them when they aren’t acting properly are the key rules for having a well-trained dog, according to experts.

outdoor dog house 2


When compared to setting up a fence around the whole home, investing in an outdoor kennel is always more affordable and reasonable, especially if you’re not in the position to splurge.

Great for Travelling

The key to being able to use a kennel for traveling is to choose a portable dog kennel as they are great for carrying around. How easily portable a kennel would be mainly depends on the type of material it’s made of. One of the most popular and sought-after types are the metal made ones. The first and most obvious reason for its use is their durability. All types of metal kennels are ideal for larger and more aggressive dogs as they are designed to withstand the many sudden movements and beating.

Additionally, metal is the ideal choice for material as it is light. There are lots of metal kennels available on the market these days but experts recommend sticking to aluminum and stainless steel as they are pretty light, but tough and hardwearing. What’s more, metal kennels are airline approved, which is a great thing to know, give the fact that there are many rules when it comes to transporting dogs. Metal kennels are mainly preferred because of the aforementioned properties (sturdiness and lightness).

dog kennel for travelling

Additional Considerations

Another material option for outdoor kennels is wire mesh. These kennels allow dogs to have a more open kennel, ideal for the curious and more anxious dogs. A great thing about them is that they allow for a crate cover to be added that can be used when needed (for instance when the dog reacts badly to some environmental stimuli so the owner wants to protect it by covering the kennel).