How Do Perfumes Affect Your Mood

People involved in perfume manufacturing claim that production process is so complex that even some psychological aspects of customers’ perceptions are considered. To be more specific, this means that perfume samples are tested on how they make people feel and whether some scents can affect the mood of the person wearing it. Interesting fact that resulted from these tests is that some scents triggered nostalgic feelings bringing back memories of period when participants wore that exact or similar scent. So, in general perfumes are able to relate certain scent directly to people’s emotions and make them feel more comfortable.

Ralph Lauren perfume

This issue transcends the usual survey analysis and is taken far deeper into medical examination. Researchers can actually describe the process of how one sniff of a perfume can affect our brain and its functions. Following this further, when you smell certain scent, it reaches receptor neurons in your nose, which forward the message to your brain via receptor bulbs (these are located at the back of your nose). Once this ”message” reaches certain part of your brain, it affects it in a way that reenacts some memories. Consequently, these memories are related to the emotions that you’ve felt in those moments. Therefore in a way it does affect your mood in a matter of seconds.

So, what are these strong scents that can affect your mood and do they trigger different emotions?


Citrus scents are told to have an amazing effect in boosting your mood when you are feeling down or disappointed. Of course, this is not the case with everyone, but it’s been proven that it works in general. Citrus scents can be found in any perfume store nowadays. If are looking for one shop here.


Fragrances that have notes based on herbs can also complement your mood and give a warm and comfortable feeling.


A large part of the perfume industry is based on campaigns that promote sensuality and seduction in their products. But if you are looking for the most seductive fragrance, you should try the ones that contain vanilla and musk scents.


A high percentage of lavender note in a perfume can have a calming effect on your body and mind until the scent evaporates.