Help Prevent Accidental Disconnection With the Right Power Adapter

Two decades ago, owning a mobile phone was considered hi-tech, but times change so fast. Today, technology is simply everywhere, from our personal belongings such as smart watches, paper thin TVs, almighty phones, to our work ID cards – we are definitely living the digital era. However, the problem that keeps arising is the inability to maintain our devices fully charged and functional at all times. If we look back at time, the first years of smart technology were very tough, in a sense that we had to carry dozens of charges that had big dimensions and were pretty heavy. However, in recent years, designers have found reliable solutions that will save us a lot of space, money and even distribute the power in the most efficient way whenever we recharge our devices.

Power Adapter

When you decide to buy a power adapter Australia retailers have a wide range to offer – starting from a single charging station for your smartphone up to multiple portable chargers that will help you stay functional any time and everywhere. To help you through your business travels, in this article, we will go through power adapter Australia retailers have to offer.

Newest Technology Auto Charger

This convenient charger, beautifully designed with white colour is your perfect companion for those long car rides and it can fully charge your battery in no time. It generates 5 V and up to 500mAh, best suitable for your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. This USB charger works with any type of dock connector and not only for iOs products but for android as well. It is equipped with LED charging indicator, so you know whether is charging or not.

Compact Cube Universal Travel Adaptor

This revolutionary portable universal adaptor offers you a chance to plug any type of devices into any power socket. The Compact Cube adaptor generates 8 amps and can take up to 830 watts of power at 110 VAC or up to 1750 at 230 VAC. Whether you are travelling in Australia or anywhere in the world (EU, USA, UK or China) it can adapt either with two or three bladed power plugs. It is designed with elegance and quality material, making it an ideal power adapter Australia wide.

OWC 3A Power Adapter

If you require a good quality laptop charger, then the OWC Mercury Elite is the way to go. With a power input of 5V/ 12V 2A or 3A and a 5-pin style connect is the perfect power adapter for your laptop. However, the only downside (if you see it as a downside) is the non-compatibility of single-pin barrel connections for that you can buy the OWC Bullet Power Adapter. In the case of 4 pins, you can buy the 4 pin style OWC adapter both offering same power. This is the most quality built charger to take on your long journeys, offering you durability and reliable price that may last for many years to come.