Gym Clothes: How to Feel & Look Your Best While Exercising

You know the saying “Dress for success”? Whether you’re working at an office or going to the gym, wearing the right clothes can go a long way. Just how comfy and airy pyjamas can help put you in sleep-mode, a set of good gym clothes can help put you in beast-mode.

As opposed to putting on an old T-shirt and some worn-out yoga pants, comfortable and attractive workout clothing can make you more confident and allow for ease of movement. And as a result, you may feel better about your workouts and may even be a bit more motivated. After all, who doesn’t feel motivated looking back on a post-workout selfie in killer workout clothes? Here some tips on what kind of clothes to wear to the gym.

Pick Out the Right Fabric



Sure, those cute leggings with cutouts might look amazing on you, but how will they feel when you hit the treadmill? Start by looking at the fabrics. On the market, you’ll find a wide range of gym clothes all made of different fabrics. Some fabrics are suitable for intense sweat sessions while others are resistant to odours. Which type of fabric is best usually depends on the kind of workout you have.

For instance, if you’re doing a high-intensity workout, you need clothes that will get rid of sweat fast. Clothes made from synthetic fabrics like nylon, spandex and polypropylene have amazing moisture-wicking properties. This allows the sweat to evaporate fast from your skin, which helps keep your body temperature down during high-intensity workouts.

But what about the smell that’s so often associated with these synthetic fabrics? If you worry about that post-workout stench, you may want to opt for workout clothes made of bamboo, which is a natural fabric known for its antimicrobial properties.

Then there’s also the option to wear workout clothes made from cotton. Cotton is super breathable and is less likely to get that stinky smell after a workout as opposed to polyester and other synthetic fabrics. And compared to bamboo, cotton workout clothes are a lot more affordable. However, it isn’t as moisture-wicking. Cotton clothes will soak up sweat like a sponge, which makes them an uncomfortable choice for high-intensity workout sessions.

Find the Right Fit


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For all gym-goers it’s important that their workout clothes are the right fit. You don’t want something that is too tight and uncomfortable to move in nor too loose to pose a risk. Plus, gym wear that’s too baggy, restricting or otherwise ill-fitting can affect your performance, making it more likely to cut your workout session short.

When shopping for workout apparel, make sure that you have a full range of motion. Although skin-tight leggings may look super good on you, if you’re unable to properly squat in them, they’re not worth it. While loose clothes may feel more comfortable and allow you to perform all kinds of movements, they aren’t always suitable. For instance, if you’re riding a stationary bike, loose or wide-leg sweatpants can get tangled up in the pedals and cause an accident. In this case, shorts may be safer. But make sure that they aren’t too short to cause a wardrobe malfunction. In any case, the best tip when shopping for workout clothes is to consider the type of workouts you’ll be doing.

For instance, a strappy top may look good and feel comfortable when you’re training your resistance or weight-lifting, but for higher-impact workouts that require more movement, it won’t be suitable. You need something made of nylon or spandex that’s stretchy to offer a full range of movement while also being supportive enough to keep everything in place. Although it’s recommended to try workout clothing before buying, sometimes online shopping is more convenient. When buying workout clothes online, make sure to check the size chart whether the clothes will fit your body dimensions.

Don’t Re-Wear Your Clothes


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Let’s be honest, when you’re exercising each day, and sometimes twice a day, it can be tempting to wear the same clothes from the day before. While re-wearing things may be a great way to reduce your laundry when it comes to workout wear, don’t do it. Not only will you feel smelly and uncomfortable in unwashed gym wear, they can also cause some health problems like yeast infections and sebaceous cysts.

Don’t Take Off Your Shirt


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Some people start to feel agitated as they get the slightest bit overheated. When this happens, some guys will take off their shirt and proceed to exercise. No matter how toned and muscular your body looks, this is a big NO-NO. By exercising with your top off, you’ll get other people’s germs all over your skin when using the machines. Plus, your skin will start to stick to the machines as you sweat.